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  1. Hey! The black rose posse are looking to build numbers! We are a bunch of people who just enjoy everything about rdr2 and want to meet new people on the way! Level isn’t an issue at all, none of us are above 50 anyways we have a discord channel that we use to chat! Drop us a message if your interested GT: RBcompact
  2. Hey man! Me and some friends are looking for a decent posse to join! This sounds just up our street! All in our 20’s 😁 GT: RBcompact
  3. Come and join “The Black Rose posse” we are a laid back group who just love red dead online :) we don’t kill unless we have to! Drop me a message if your interested 😁 GT: RBcompact
  4. We are a chilled out bunch who enjoy life within the game! We simply would like some like minded players to hang out with and do missions and hunting trips with! hopefully build our posse numbers up! We are all in our 20’s but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a laugh! We just ask you to be chilled and preferably 18+ GT: RBcompact drop us a message on Xbox if you are interested!
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