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  1. I thought I read or saw something about a bow, I wanna have that on me at all times. I always like shot guns, a rifle and I'm good with single a six shooter. Although if they let me go Revolver Ocelot...
  2. The only place I can think of easily playing it would be from PS Now, and for me I dunno if it's my connection or where I live but I can't get a solid connection for nothing. I don't have a PS3 anymore and my PC is basically non existent. To make a long story short and throw in some context I am basically just playing the game for my wife so she can watch. She watched some youtuber play the first one and wanted me to play this one for her. It's kinda a thing we do, so I oblige. But I'm thinking I may end up liking this for myself and then I will for sure get my hands on a copy of the older one.
  3. Never played Red Dead so I dunno what to expect, It's a long story why I ended up jumping on the hype wagon but that second trailer had a lot to do with it. I want to see how deep the survival and exploration aspect is-I am looking forward to riding out by myself just looking around. I wanna see those horse mechanics. I've always loved Rockstar maps so I wanna see this world they made and how detailed it is. So yeah the map, the world building. I am excited to see the world they made.
  4. This is my first post, so feel free to draw vapid assumptions about me from this. 🤣 So I just wanna preface my thoughts by saying I like listening to conspiracy theories, all kinds. For years I use to work a data entry job and so I passed the time by listening to audio books and youtube videos, for almost 5 years. I know so much crap about the occult and general conspiracy theories I am almost shamed. Not an expert, I just know more than I would admit in person. Anyway I say all that just to give my thoughts on aliens after years of consumption of conspiracy theories. I don't think Aliens are actually physical beings from outer space. Aliens are actually spiritual beings. I think Aliens as we understand them are just demons. I'm thinking of it from the stand point that all the cultures or religions that speak of evil forces or whatever are speaking of what we now call Aliens. To me it's weird that in much of the interviews with alien believers or people who claims to have interacted with them usually speak of sexual assault or some religious or philosophical experience. I was skeptical that space beings would travel so far just to teach humans about a new space God. Sure. that's what people did-still do but usually they just give religion to take something else. Of course I am not trying to rant about colonization-or even expect human behavior from Aliens it just seems weird to me that they only wanna probe and preach. Now if I am thinking about it as if Aliens are Demons well then yeah, that sounds about right, hurt and deception. And then I stated thinking about all the footage of lights in the sky, or fighter jets chasing after stuff they see and how it moves in ways that defy gravity. To me it made more sense that they were chasing something spiritual rather than physical. Sort of like Ghosts. (Yes I say Ghosts are Demons too) For me it was always the lack of technology or meaningful interaction that keeps me skeptical of aliens as physical beings. The last thing that keeps me skeptical is a man named Alistor Crowely 1875-1947. I can't go into detail about the man here the post is long enough, do your own research. To keep it simple the man was an influential member of the occult. He had a spiritual friend that I would call a demon but he called a spiritual master. I attached a picture that Crowley drew of him. That picture may remind you of...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grey_alien From what I know of the man and what I can find about the origins of the grey alien it leads me to believe that the occult and aliens are linked somehow. I know people can be inspired and take things of others, etc but this and other skepticism make it hard for me to let it go I just can't get over the fact that so many 'alien fans' if I can call them that also pitch a previously unheard of religion. TLDR: Aliens are demons that's why they only probe and preach they never got any cool tech, science, or anything to show physical presence.
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