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  1. Usually when I play by myself, I always find myself getting gunned down by a posse of 3-4 and losing the pelts on my horse in the process. Is R* considering to add private online lobbies?
  2. I am loving the game so far and have experinced hardly any bugs and FBS drops on my Xbox One X. But there is one thing that happens to me when I load up the game. My fan in my Xbox gets very loud. My Xbox is silent when I play a different game but when I play RDR2, my Xbox sounds like a jet getting ready for take off. Is anyone else experiencing this? Or is it just something wrong with my console?
  3. I am mostly excited about the story mode. It doesn't bother me that multiplayer is coming post-launch because I want to complete the story mode before I play multiplayer. I am also looking forward to the hunting and fishing aspects of the game.
  4. Cowboys are a part of the game and puppies are cute so I put those two things together.
  5. Are those 19 species of horses included in that 200 animal count or are they separated?
  6. Everything that is on the top or the exclusive story mode content; is what comes with the special edition. And for the ultimate edition, you get everything seen in that picture. Also If you get a physical copy, you get a physical version of the map seen in the game.
  7. I want to get either the special or ultimate edition of RDR2 but I will only do so with a physical copy. I like to buy games the old-fashioned way by having a physical disc in my possession. I know these two editions are available for digital purchase but are there also physical copies of these editions?
  8. The original Red Dead Redemption was one of the best games I have ever played in my lifetime. I have always wanted a sequel to RDR and now, it finally is becoming a reality. I am really looking forward to playing the game on October 26th and what discussions come up about the game on the forums.
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