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  1. I think I did this by swapping consoles, one player played on the other console (not the default console) and vis versa; didn't realize it was a violation of terms though, so idk.
  2. Here is my crude map @Vaderspupil The one in Gaptooth Ridge is easy, just right off the pathway. There is a big rock to the left, and often you can kill the cougar while it's resting. If you ride in too fast I find it sometimes doesn't spawn. The one in Cholla Srings I find more difficult; I don't even really bother with it due to time. If you ride in from the north you can catch it resting. The terrain is rugged but there is kind of a pathway you can follow.
  3. lol, was he trying to emote wave... opps, fired my gun. I think I did that when I was lvl 5 and I only play on weekends especially when I have field work during the weekday. Those pesky controls.
  4. I've joined open posses but either get kicked, kicked then attacked, or wait around too long for nothing to happen. It was wishful thinking I suppose, but probably wont try that again; for some reason some people have open posses but don't want anyone to join.
  5. I'm usually solo playing RDR2 online, but I've had some fun times with a small group of people. It's kinda lonesome, but I still find myself just immersed in the games beauty. I'm not much of a talker, so people tend to just forget about me; the last group I was with I had some good times, but then there are a couple members that grief solo players and one guy is somewhat toxic over voice chat; I'm not offended, but I just cant stand for it. The problem is they always end up joining the posse i'm in but I don't stay silent when they go out of their way to attack a single player, so it gets awkward. Anyway, I went back to being a lone wolf for the time being; when they implement R* social club crews into the game, then things might work out better who knows. How about you?
  6. I love the idea, but doesn't seem convenient. Do you use Discord or plan on creating a R* crew? I do this on one of the Discord servers i'm part of; sometimes (rarely) someone will post that they are being griefed, so I will join them, can be pretty fun, especially if you don't join their posse, as for reasons you stated. The last two times I've asked for help, nobody came to my rescue ... and I lost all my pelts, haha, it happens; why a lvl 120 goes out of his way to attack lvl 29 me trying to hunt a cougar in the forest, idk.
  7. no bullies but you are taking over lobbies? haha
  8. Looks like it's fixed! Well, at least the hitting triangle button quickly part.. just did 3 missions in a row.
  9. Yeah, the honor system is a little bit flawed but doesn't bother me too much. I fish often, so my honor goes up, but it's fairly easy to lower my honor. Whenever I need to lower it, I like to climb up the ladder at the barns in Valentine and shoot everyone... well, not other players but npc.
  10. My Kentucky Saddler (online mission gifted horse) was named More, but he has a new owner. Female Arabian horse is Montana while my male Mustang is Texas.
  11. can I get a confirmation please? Kinda feel stupid for keep trying (sphh lol) I and my friend tried again today, we hit 'x' right away to start the mission, and both of us hit the triangle button right away for "ready" but the game simply waited for randoms to join. Matchmaking is turned off, but that doesn't matter. Before, the game would launch with just 2/3 of us, but now no dice. We like to ride out the clock sometimes, for the 900/1000 xp and max payout, hunt bighorn animals on the side.
  12. I've done this in the past, so idk if I'm missing something this time. Today, I tried replaying a couple of story missions with just two or three of us; matchmaking is turned off (I know at least at this time this doesn't stop matchmaking), and as soon as we are in lobby all 2/3 of us hit the triangle button for "ready". In the past the mission would start immediately, but today it wouldn't, then a random person or two end up joining. Both of us even tried closing and re-launching the game, but the same issue happens. What gives? Anyone else experiencing this?
  13. Cripps will eventually move your camp anyway, so the hassle of trying to pin point your camp to a specific location may not be worth the effort. Anyone that has played single player will be annoyed by not being able to setup camp on the spot haha
  14. I cant even turn voice chat on... it's grayed out.
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