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  1. Sooo sorry bro.passion for this site over ruled my head and for 2 or 3 wks i was getting wound up by it.constantly logging in and seeing all that.never even knew it somehow logs straight into all activity and ive never clocked it.again my bad peeps.i was thinking all online chat went into one log and wasnt seperated.rdr2 is my first real online experience apart from gtav for a little while.and so is this forum so will teach me to look deeper before spouting off haha.
  2. Firstly i will apologise as like an idiot i never realised once i come on the forum ive just noticed it goes to all activity automatically and ive never realised that until now.thats because its always been ps4 or xbox talk so i never was bothered.thanks as ive just seen my errors.my bad for not looking deeper into the forum myself.just for 2 wks now its been bugging me constantly about mods and specs.again i appologise to all.and yes kean help one and all.it was just that aspect and its my own fault.i know you lot run this site well and thats why ive been on it for a yr solid. Obviously didnt look into it hard enough haha.
  3. Has to be broken down and thought about.last few wks ive logged into just seeing about mods and pc specs.thats what im talking about.not general gameplay where we all play the same game and can help each other out.the pc version was always gonna bring a new crowd but reading down the chat its real hard now to relate and its almost as of were gonna go through the whole monentum of rdr2 again.same questions and answers. Hate to say but this forum aint big enough for the 2 of us. Console v pc crews.its of course my personal opinion and one to be agreed or hated but i have to express my feelings. Ive been on this forum a long while now and always enjoyed just seeing how peeps are up to but its being lost.console crews are a year ahead on the journey and lets continue that way. I def dont wanna see how the pc crew are gonna mod this game and butcher it.
  4. Is this site gonna split pc and console users on the page.i use to like coming on this site for info and bit of gossip and how everyones loving or hating the game.obviously now the pc version has come a new vibe has also.definately no offence here but i dont want to scroll down about modding and specs and all the rest.it would of been nice to play it on pc for the better quality but im to far gone now on the ps4 to start again.just wondered if there was gonna be a place where we can just see our own consoles chat log and discussions.just makes life easier and if i want to go see what the pc players are up to i can go on there page.
  5. Was hoping for something more on this halloween.was hoping for random events in free roam to happen.little gutted i wont lie.
  6. They wouldnt of went through this with rdr2 knowing the ps5 was coming.the ps5 will handle rdr2 better and we can get the graphics back up to where it was and better.plus i reckon they will be able to improve the game alot better on the ps5.but i reckon kean is right in that ps3 and ps2 games wont make the cut.rdr2 will have a better life span on the ps5.
  7. Excellent I had the map for Tue and was looking for these thanks ever so much for sharing
  8. How old are you and what time zone in the world.
  9. Yh man if people just focused on themselves rather than worry about others they may have more fun.peeps need to stop waisting energy on others and if you paid for rdr2 bloody enjoy it.link with like minded peeps and let idiots go by them.its to big a world to let others bother you.online can be toxic but seriously in the end you can find like minded players.as this forum itself evolves we can all find our own preference of players.stop the defensive and put hearts on the line.were all in same boat. ESCAPING life. So positive vibes are needed.kean i admire your resolve and temperament.i want to see a happy vibrant forum for probably my favourite game.
  10. Hahaha yes i have been waiting for the moaning that there is nothing to do again and rockstar are so rubbish blah blah.i wont lie i have rushed this update and wished i had slowed down but the game is so good and i enjoy meeting new people to play the game with.meet new people and the game changes slightly.i like to help others progress and not get bullied in game.this update couldnt of been better and rockstar are right to take there time with a game like this.i had 2 wks off work ill so kinda went through it all but my advice is do not rush.its so fun and money is now so much easier to come by.i kinda wish rockstar didnt hype up any update and just dropped it as a surprise coz its the long drawn out process that keeps players hooked and wanting more.that summer update talk for months was annoying.lets just let it happen naturally and enjoy the game.
  11. The vision is a good one i agree.many have slagged tbis game off but i think they are going in the best direction possible for people who love PVE games.and we like the surprise of whats coming next.the story on rdr2 was so good they risk ruining one of the best story games made by adding content to it.there maybe more loose ends to the story but no one can say they didnt get enough out of story mode for the money we paid.online is the place to be and grinding this game may get boring but will be worth it if you love rdr2.you can make money so.much easier and faster now.this update couldnt of been better.its all free to play.
  12. This is a good one.anything else added today
  13. Lumper. The possibilities are endless with this game.it will get to a point where all this grinding pays off as we will be the ones ready to set up whatever they throw at us.at one point the game will split in two and wealth will become a part of the west and things will be more expensive if we want them.i.e houses. High end buisness.high end heists will cost to set up and if the heist goes wrong we lose the investment.and so on. Houses will be able to go from shack to mansion and decorate.i just hope they stay on top of the games bugs.this wk ive hardly seen an animal in sight and before the update the wildlife was everywhere.
  14. Thats what im thinking things will keep rising and will.need more and more to be succesful.this is just the start
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