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  1. So wait, Dogs leave the camp when a raid is on and get to you on the wild ? Did the dog despawn after warning you or He made the route to your camp along with you ??? Really neat to know, cheers
  2. Hi, I have been playing lone wolf since launch cause all my many PS4 friends are at GTA still I dont want to lead a posse, I want to help other posse as long as it focus on PVE and never start a fight for PVP I like to help and to be easygoing and friendly, but I wont play showdowns, only Freeroam - PVE Im 40 YO, have mic for parties, PS4, speak fluent English, Spanish or Portuguese, London/Portugal timezone, play mostly between 9 PM to 1 AM I rank right now 140, have 7 horses, best guns, full upgraded stuff and at roles I rank as today - Collector 17, Trader 13 and Bountyhunter 2, and going up each day One last important thing - I will not deliver live bounties, all my bounties will arrive stone dead at Sheriffs offices, the only rule I will insist for me, all the rest you are the boss, lol Text me first at PS4 - LordLoff Thanks and let's shake the dusty roads
  3. It is related to number of players in the lobby, Rockstar is constantly moving us to more crowded lobbies - change session and try again - lobbies above 18 players have deep animal nerf and lobbies under 14 have a ridiculous animal abundance It is very noticeable when you start ressuply missions that put you on a solo lobby, you have to drive carefully not to trample dozens of animals along the way Check the player numbers at each lobby
  4. I thought Bountyhinter would be my favourite but Im only rank 2 on that, I reached rank 13 on trader and despite not dedicating any serious time to Collector Im 17 at it, lol, just for picking collectibled along the way
  5. Hi, Im sticking to small trader wagon cause more small missions give more xp to go from role rank 13 so far, up to 20 But after rank 20 I fear that bigger wagons mean bigger product stacked and waiting, so more chance of raids, like on GTA and if we are far from camp we cant just get on a chopper to go save our precious products in time So has anyone suffered an attack already ? Did it happen while you still had the small wagon and only 25 product ? Thanks in advance
  6. Ok, questions answered by myself, lol, I went on a grinding streak from rank 6 to 10 yesterday, it carries everything you can pick up after hunting, not fast but quite sturdy and damage resistant, easy on the curves and bumps and across water, you can drop stuff at Cripps or sell to Butcher, just make sure you dont park it too far from Butcher to work, it comes with it's own horse (Sufolk Punch), witch is a petty cause it has minimal stats and you can't use your own draft horses, cheers, hope I helped others on this matter, will call it a solved
  7. Small youtuber - fin pup - shows where sge is everey 24h new location
  8. When you get a skill it comes in panflets, you must go on satchel and open/read each one so they get a checked sign and start making effect
  9. Day and night last the same, just use nights to stay in towns cleaning guns, visiting stables, replenishing from post offices, feeding/cleaning horse, selling to butcher and fence and crafting at fires, and dont do any of these during daytime so you have all tasks waiting for you at night
  10. She moves on the map each real time 24h, small youtube - Fin Pup - shows where she is each day in video, cheers
  11. Im almost rank 10 trader and very hyped for the hunting wagon 1 - Can you store big Aligators skins ? How many ? Not the small aligators that you stow many on your horse, but the big skin rolls (1 per horse) 2 - Can you use one of your stable horses to ride the hunting wagon ? I have the Shire and Belgian (drafts) Thanks in advance
  12. 1 - Runs around or rests and makes the camp feel more alive 2 - Barks to welcome you and for goodbye when you leave 3 - Lets you pat him anytime 4 - Makes Cripps become angry with his presence and when u pat him 5 - Let's any other freeroam players go into ur camp and pat him 6 - Dont know yet about guard mode cause I have not reached that level
  13. No way Robbstar will let you recover money for your horses and saddles/stirrups Discard is the only option But with this DLC u can now own 10 horses Just buy the stable slot first and afterwards the horse and insurance so grieffers pay 4$ if they kill ur horse and u also get it back free and much faster I have 6 horses now and pay more than 4$ per game day (48 mins), but I love horses and will soon fill whole 10 slots
  14. I like them all but after trying a bit and watching some core youtubers I will invest more on the one that has less grieffing possibilities, the one where you spend less time, either on sales or supplies, exposed to other players - It seams the Bountyhunter will be less grieffed cause you only have to go get them and bring them, dead or alive, lol, on the other roles (not sure about collector) you expose to grieffers when you go get stuff, you expose to NPC raids at camp and sometimes we will be too far to ride in time to save our goods and than exposed again when you sell converted stuff - correction - you dont get exposed, Robbstar is the one who exposes you to grieffers
  15. Its in my post, I said any other predator is ok, they are just pixels, is the dam Wolves that creep into my nervous system, llol - Thanks for the Roanoke tip, I also know the straighrt strip area directly between Emerald Ranch and Valentine is safe, as long as I dont cross the train line into the mountain slopes, lol - Wolf carcasses could be worth 50 dollars, I dont care, blast them with Bolt AR Express Explosives, played almost everyday since launch and was never killed by a Wolf yet
  16. The Turkoman is fast enough to outrun them and the Ardennes is brave... Regarding the Shire check here how cool it behaves around Bolt AR loud shots and charging Wolves, stood it's ground, never got really agitated and when I got out to pick the Wolf the horse was still smooth as a feather -
  17. Many thanks, It will help me mark some spots with permanent markers, excellent, thanks
  18. Thanks, my issue is not how to fight them, I always carry the Bolt AR with 10 Express Explosive rounds in hand and cocked when crossing some weird areas But my goal with this post is avoiding at all bumping into them on the first place, lol, surelly there area some areas and trails 100% free of Wolves, but thanks for the feedback
  19. Both are brave, strong and fast but the Turkoman is a bit more elegant and taller, go for the Turkoman, you wont regret it
  20. My Pale Shire looks like the Knights horses so I call him -Templar My Ardennes is sturdy and fearless in gunfights so I call him - Braveheart My Foxtrotter is agile and fast and brave so is called - Rider My Turkoman (favourite) is fast enough but speacially healthy and brave so is called - Storm My Perlino is the onlr female I have and is gorgest si I call her - Pearl There you go, short names but very.meaningful to me Im.always roleplaying with.them, cleaning, feeding and patting after each misdion.or long journey, I talk to them a lot and take as good care of them.as they take goid care of me Hope soon we can have many more stable slots and the ability to change whole coats, my favourite feature to spend money and time in - Horses
  21. When you hit the D-Pad Down, to check the time of the day, your freeroam screen will show your character name and also the colour
  22. Hi, I rank 127 and love this game and learned to enjoy the daily simple things and the way every day becomes a different roleplay experience, even.just exploring I dont fear Grizzlies, Panthers, Cougars or Aligators, I will gladly search for them anytime, but the damm Wolf Attacks manage to always send a real life shiver down my spine - they are so immersive and replicate exactly my long ago childhood nightmares with wolves It sounds silly since Im 49, but hey, we all have our weaknesses, rigjt ? I know the general areas too avoid, specially at night but that is too generic for someone who loves to ride and explore I never set foot on snowy areas yet I loved to go and visit Sent a ticket to Rockstar but they did not help, just mentioned what I knew already - avoid Cumberland Forest, Tall Trees and Grizzlies East, lol - but the damm Wolves have jumped on me in areas far from those ones (ex: Thieves Landing) and I hate how they smartly flank you so you akways endup loosing, unless they are just 2 or 3 So has anyone come accross a good complete and detailed map of wolves spawning areas and hours ??? I already got good horses (Turkoman and Ardennes) but that is just not enough with more than 3 Wolvves, lol Gosh, I would give all my 115 gold nuggets for a speciall coat that worked as wolf-free-stealth gameplay, lol Thanks in advance
  23. Dude, this game only runs yet on PS4 and you need to actively play to do challenges, not just login... This said, is it so difficult to slide the console on your backpack and take it with you ? It connects to any screen.or TV as long you have wi fi
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