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  1. I think they should let you customize wagons like they do with cars in gtao. Thats one way they could make everyone blow their money away. I want a 4 seater hunting wagon thats bright lime green and blue.
  2. Are you on xbox? Because im on ps4 and the first few days after the update were even chiller than before. I was never attacked once.
  3. I notice that yesterday i got attacked several times after a week of utter peace. Have other people experienced this? If so, why do you think this is happening? I'd like to hear your thoughts. I have a theory that its the opposite of what was happening last time things were bad. Before, it was almost impossible to make money so people just gave up on doing missions and killed eachother. Now, everyone has money so they buy everything they want, have extra money so work has no purpose to it so they just kill eachother again. I think rockstar should be adding expensive wagons with customizations each week as permanent additions so they can make ways for people to blow all their money away so the roles have meaning again.
  4. I bet it wouldnt be the skins cause their skin isnt very durable but maybe zombie parts? What about zombified animals or mythical creatures like in the first undead nightmare? I like your idea tho.
  5. How do you think they would incorporate the roles if they did? I as one example think bounty hunters could be sent to collect zombies with rare mutations for Nikolai Dragic to experiment on. What do you think?
  6. I tried free aim mode and did some hideouts and killed cops in online and it was really fun. Pretty challenging but easier than i thought it would be. Seeing as they recently added free aim showdowns i think Rockstar is thinking about adding free aim lobbies. I want to know what people think. Would you want free aim lobbies? Do you think it would make the roles too difficult? Should it come with a role payout bonus? Leave your thoughts in the comments.
  7. Shes in a random spot every day. Theres an article that keeps updating with her location thats always the number 1 article when you type Red Dead Online into google cause its always technically the most recently released/edited.
  8. Collector is boring until you get the metal detector which i cant stop using for some reason. Its so fricken addicting to use that thing. Im always excited about what im gonna get and it pays out really well, maybe trader gives out more based on the title of a video i saw, but ive never tried it. Ive never completed a set but im really close to a few of the ones you get with that thing, and based on the prices for the individual items i know its gonna pay out insane.
  9. Im back with another poll. In the last poll I made, people answered based on newly acquired information from Rockstar, rather than experiencing the classes themselves. Now that we had a chance to try them, I want to see what people say.
  10. Its very cool that you can push through boredom. I remember having to make my own fun in games when i was little and getting hundreds of hours of fun out of a game that today would take me 12 hours to complete. I was able to stop and enjoy the scenery and just feel the wonder of it all. Modern gaming has desensitized me to those feelings and now i get bored of games too easily because they offer so much to do that i get in the mindset that once i do all of those things theres nothing left to enjoy when there really always is. By the way, how old are you and when did you start gaming?
  11. Does anyone know if these caves are places in red dead 2 singleplayer or could digging at raised earth as a Collector in the upcoming RDO update break into subterrainian areas inaccessable in single player?
  12. You make solid points but what i meant about the correlation between bounty hunting and trolling is that by focusing in on and progressing through bounty hunter you will be unlocking items that could potentially bring your trolling game to the next level. The reinforced lasso sounds like it will require alot more effort to break free from and the bolas just go along that same vein.
  13. Im really surprised how few bounty hunters there are. All the articles online talk about it as if its the coolest one and the one thats going to grab your attention. That said this forum might have its skew. I have two hypotheses 1. People who actually play the game extensively are sick of dealing with human enemies to get money. Or 2. This forum is full of people that interact with other players and are in general social beings and the new bounty hunter role is a troll class. What do you people think? I think im going to be doing alot of bounty hunter with my friends despite this and im not gonna lie mob mentality gets ahold of me pretty easily and you might find me tying you up some day. Try your best to escape.
  14. I cant wait to start robbing graves and trains if i understood the collectors role in the trailer. Zombies kind of freak me out so i hope the corpses arent too ****ed up looking. I could never play undead nightmare except the multiplayer mode if i had friends to back me up. I hope the bodies just look like the ones seth digs up which freak me out but its not that bad.
  15. I chose collector because these days my attention span drops very easily and exploration might do the trick at keeping my mind awake. Also the article talked about containers on wagons and id love to try to get collectibles that way and make enough of a nuisance of myself to get a bounty hunter after me so i can try to escape. I also loved digging for treasure in games like fable 2 and mabinogi where treasure locations were random and you had to find them. I also loved hunting for all the collectibles in wrothgar in eso so i could get a cool armor. The amount of time between when i liked to do these things and now has been long enough that it might give me new interest, as I have hunted plenty enough in rdr2, rdo, and sea of thieves so trader is less interesting to me.
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