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  1. I have noticed significant changes in animal spawns. I rode from St Denis to Van Horn and only saw a few ravens. Frogs...Gators...Turtles used to be piled up in that area. Now it looks dull and lifeless. If R* is trying to make it feel real and overhunted, kudos you did it.
  2. Horse randomly slows down. (not in a normal forced slow zone) When dismounting horse it registers as falling off a cliff and I tumble to the ground. Digging animation stops without collecting item then game registers item as picked up and cannot dig again Camp will not set up upon requests. Only 1 Deer on whole server All equipped weapons are fully degraded upon load in. All that was just yesterday!!!
  3. Found a dig spot south of valentine under some clothes lines. Started digging then my character stopped that animation and started walking south, I was unable to control him or push any buttons. Had to respawn to get control again but the item I was supposed to get was the 1796 halfpenny. Now it is not there and also not in my inventory. Is there a fix for this? Is it a known issue for items to disappear? I am lvl 20 collector and have made the rounds many times, never seen this before. Cannot get today's coin set because of it. Tried loading back in, restart, all that.
  4. Any problems with Posse members not being able to drop animals into the wagon? Idk if that's by design but I have not yet been able to drop anything into my friends wagon, it grays out the option. He did set wagon to accessible to everyone, tried messing with different options but no success. I have heard it should let us but have not confirmed.
  5. I am 39 and play central US time zone. Trader 5, Bounty 3. Took a break shortly after beta released, back after new update. I can grind or do whatever is needed. I do not shoot first and enjoy coordinated missions. Looking to join an honorable posse that likes to have fun and stay organized.
  6. Howdy, 39 from US. Usually on around 9 cst. Can womp n ride anything with at least two legs. Trader by heart, bounty when life on the range gets slow. I like poker and whiskey to keep my sangin voice in fetter. Tag is devohuntz.
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