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  1. If you are looking for a group to help out join us today - https://discord.gg/CdZabZv
  2. Daily trade runs and people to play with - https://discord.gg/CdZabZv
  3. Join us today - https://discord.gg/CdZabZv Plenty of long Trader Runs
  4. I use Shadowplay and Twitch but you can use OBS. You can either stream it and in my twitch settings set to save my past broadcast for 14 days. Then I click on the past broadcast video on my twich videos page and it gives you a highlight option on the bottom right. It bring you to an cool little editor and you can make a quick highlight. (all video files saved to twitch servers) If you dont feel like streaming you can always set shadow play to save the last 5 or 10 mins of video by using alt F10. This will create a video file on your hard drive which you can play with any video player on full screen (I use VLC video) and then stream the video and highlight like above.
  5. You have an aspect ratio issue and not knowing the max resolution of the monitor is the 1st problem. How to figure out your resolution - Once you figure that out you can make the proper changes in RD settings to match it so the entire screen fits correctly.
  6. 11/22/2019 - Game play of the fastest 6 man bounty we did and its the beginning of the weekend! Join us today - https://discord.gg/CdZabZv
  7. The trader wagon is only to be used in the transportation of goods to sell. Which means you need to activate a sell to have access to the Trader Wagon. You might be looking at the Hunting Wagon which can be spawned in by pressing "L" stable > owned vehicles GL
  8. Yes and it also gives you more health making it harder to kill you. Its just what we needed to PVE!
  9. Mods are not the only reason they will ban you. unfortunately you cant appeal it as their decisions are final and with the ban comes an account wipe.
  10. Cant put skinned animals in the cart dont skin them
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