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  1. Not high enough level to fish. Money problems got solved. A friend helped me hunt and make deliveries as Trader.
  2. I found and sold some herbs but did not use dead eye (nor a lasso)
  3. I don't understand about auto aim for PC online game. I have not seen it work. My biggest problem is getting a steady aim on a target and by the time I do, the animal has fled or the red dot has killed me. So.. I bought a controller for PC and it was even harder for me. I had to use the little joystick to hunt for the target therefore I gave up and went back to keyboard. Where is this often discussed auto aim?? I need it!
  4. I am on pc version with keyboard and mouse. That is really the only thing I am disliking. No chat /communication. I turned on voice but no one ever says anything. Not even as they try to kill me.
  5. If I am killed by a player and looted, do I lose all my cash and items?
  6. Thanks! I got my lasso out and naturally a cougar jumped me lol. I have to get more familiar with what keys bring up what weapons. A friend has started this game too and just advised me to go back and do the single player story first to learn things and THEN do the online so.. I am off to try that now
  7. I was going to do that but 1. I feel I need to get a bit better at things before I try to ride with a group and 2. sigh. I really do not like voice chat as it is distracting and then I would have to buy a headset so as not to distract others and I am not a fan of the F bomb and I feel sure chat is not pg rated That has been my experience in other games.
  8. Thank you for the suggestions. Killing is a no for me lol. I want to be a good girl. How do I find herbs? I have read something about using dead eye but I have yet to figure out HOW to access dead eye. I am only level 5, could that be why? Trample fish.. will try it. Lasso a deer.. will try but so far I have not been able to get close to any animal since they run away. . except wolves! They always find me.
  9. I have gold bars but no cash. I had assumed you could purchase anything with gold but apparently not. I am out of ammo and out of cash. I cannot hunt things to sell because I am out of ammo I cannot join missions (?) because I am out of ammo. I cannot convert gold to cash in the online game. Fence does not accept gold in online game. Brand new player totally frustrated.. any suggestions as to what do do because I see no way to continue playing. TY PS I am terrible at shooting.. have not figured out how to react quickly, however when I try to wave at people I usually am hitting or shooting at them. I have ordered a game controller to try instead of keyboard and hoping that will help.
  10. I thought gold was used for everything and I got 'change back' How do I get cash? edit: I am googling for that answer
  11. How do you change servers? I have not been given an option of a server.
  12. 2 fellows roped me and pulled me off my horse in a town. They kept taking turns and then one of them killed me with a knife after they were bored of toying with me I guess. I am brand new to this game and could not react quickly enough. And this is fun for them?
  13. Ummmm.. all that said 'use a controller'?
  14. Sounds great, only I never play at night lol. Maybe on weekends?
  15. I tried to access fast travel and it said i don't have enough money. but..... I have gold bars in addition to my $.73. Why won't it take a gold bar and give me change?
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