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  1. I have 120 hours on Steam and only 50.7% finished. I am hunting, fishing, collecting, and just about everything, except the main story.
  2. Cliffs

    Collectible Weapons

    I have been finding the collective weapons, the rare this or that. When I look in the area weapons are shown, they are not all there yet I have double checked that I picked up the missing weapon from where it was found. Also, they don't all stay on the weapon wheel, right?
  3. I haven't seen a cheater yet but I play online sparingly. I did have one player hounding me so i waited for him to hogtie and then out me on his horse (for whatever reason) and I just got offline. Whatever he had in mind was "poof" I am gone.
  4. Cliffs

    Goodies from RS

    I knew you would enjoin, thanks for the heads up. I get online is online but I saw nobody mention my OP topic and you have brought it full circle....looking forward to more of your update posts.
  5. Cliffs

    Goodies from RS

    Go read the console online forum...Kean kept up a weekly update of goodies.
  6. Cliffs

    Goodies from RS

    On console we got them weekly it seemed....why are pc players being left out?
  7. Haven't had any crashes up until today (Sunday) I have had 6 so far in story mode and it's usually when I am in the middle of a mission. Leading to have to start over.
  8. New platform, same old grieving complaints.
  9. Found this While GMG currently has the best deal on Red Dead 2 for PC, you'll also find the game on sale at these stores, in case the above deal sells out: Fanatical Standard edition --$46.19 Special edition -- $57.59 Ultimate edition -- $72 GameStop Standard edition -- $48 Special edition -- $60 Ultimate edition -- $75 Epic Games Store Standard edition -- $48 Special edition -- $60 Ultimate edition -- $75 Humble Bundle Standard edition -- $48 Special edition -- $60 Ultimate edition -- $75
  10. Has anyone seen a price yet?
  11. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1174180/Red_Dead_Redemption_2/
  12. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1174180/Red_Dead_Redemption_2/
  13. Does this happen on console too?
  14. Cliffs

    Was this beta tested

    Love some of the smart ass answers, thanks guys.
  15. Unless most of the issues players are having right now are "fixed" before Steam gets the game....I won't buy it. I did not buy preorder as almost all games on pc that are not beta tested in some fashion are never worth the price tag they throw on the game. This game is most definitely NOT worth 70+ dollars in the condition it is in.
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