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  1. As usual, this is just another pander to the console "easy-mode" junkies ..... hit the damned thing dozens of times whilst it's running (virtually impossible on PC, but piss-easy on console where it does all the aiming work for you). So you chase the animal for bloody miles then some imbecile headshots you for no reason - you can take the lunatic out of the asylum..... Absolutely pathetic, utterly thoughtless programming, which is precisely what I have come to expect from *ockstar - first and last game I will ever buy from them. Will now go back to completely ignoring online as I have for months because there's just no point if you can't play your own game without brainless idiots ruining it - like the ones camping the welcome centre in Strawberry - so pathetic I am lost for words. /rant over .... for now
  2. Hi All, Have not played story mode for a while as I have been working online, but thought I'd have a go to finish it over the new year. Unfortunately, it won't load at all. The first few attempts of going straight to story mode caused the game to crash saying I needed to reboot and restart - did that 3 times, with no improvement. I then went into online mode, which worked fine, then switched to story mode from online . . . it's been over half an hour and it's still trying to load. In between, I verified the installation and got no errors. Anyone else having the same issues?
  3. PCs do not "switch region"! I have a real casino just down the road, could gamble all day if I wanted to - location should not be the issue and it was not resolved by connecting via other countries (VPN) Am I to understand from this that others are able to play blackjack in online mode without issues? (NOT story mode, as I already said, that works just fine). Also again, the poker tables work fine, but not blackjack. If it were a regional issue, neither should work!
  4. Thanks, I logged in just to check and found that, but it doesn't let me select anyone who is not CURRENTLY on my server, so I can do nothing about it! - when I search support, it says I can report a player through "social club" and the "tools" there . . . there are no "tools" options and searching provides no results - awesome customer service! I have now blocked the genius concerned (whose profile is anonymous) and set my status to "defensive", we'll see how much effect that has!
  5. Thanks for the feedback, I had no idea that using a player name was an issue, so I apologise for that, although it is kind of ironic when reporting a griefer! There is no clear way of reporting in game (unless you areferring to the option to "press charges" or whatever it is - there is never any feedback on it, so whilst I use it, I cannot report any success from doing so). I once accidentally shot someone who attacked my target and similarly had no way to apologise as there is no in-game chat. With regard to reporting to R*, I should think they are so busy squashing the myriad and huge bugs to bother . . . the feedback I have got from that is next to valueless and gave the appearance that the issues I raised had not even been read, which is disappointing. I do have a list of those who have acted unreasonably, so if anyone can point me in the right direction, I will happily hold them to account.
  6. As a relatively new player to RDR (only since PC launch), I have had a few issues with random imbeciles thinking it was funny to headshot me, but nothing beats what just happened tonight. Finished my latest batch of shine and went to do the delivery - and some moron is waiting outside the shack and fire-bombs my wagon before I can even move, destroying it and killing me - he then decides to chase me on respawn and headshot me - way to go [removed], you uber-mature, highly intelligent individual! There really should be a way to deal with these pond-life.
  7. Yep, but I'm not in Bahrain, I'm in the UK and poker plays just fine! The blackjack tables, however are always empty for me (except in story mode)
  8. Camp seems to have improved since last update - I can actually get one occasionally now, though there are times that I click the icon, get the message that Cripps is setting it up, then 10 seconds later he decides to tear it down. Since I was finally able to spawn one and start the trader missions, it has improved thankfully, as I was about to give up with the camp being so important to trader missions. As for blackjack, plays fine in story mode, but tables are still entirely empty and seem to be just scenery in online mode
  9. VPN made no difference for me - in fact it probably made things worse, which is not surprising. I was getting this error after just seconds into online until yesterday. It still happens, but have had spells of a couple of hours without the issue since installing the newest nVidia driver (441.12), disabling chat (as others have suggested) and setting virtual memory to automatic (it was previously at a static value, even if it was a very high one due to my 32GB RAM)
  10. I had the same issues when I started - this thread helped me re "z" and"x", but I finally fouind out how to change the keys If you go into settings, controls, keyboard and mouse, the top item is keymapping - this will let you change any and all allocated keys and will give you the list of what does WHAT (only took me a couple of weeks to find it!)
  11. Hey folks - newbie here, enjoying the game but frustrated with issues One of those is that (in online mode) I can never seem to get a game of blackjack - there's never anyone at the tables and I can't even sit down at them. Have tried in Rhodes and in Van Horn - both work in story mode (solo), but in online mode nothing happens. I would make camp and sleep to see if this would cause the dealer to spawn, but that is broken too - can never get my camp to spawn, but still get charged the feee for requesting it! Are there any secrests to getting blackjack to work or is it just random? Thanks, KtB
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