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  1. Hi, All. After updating Windows 10 Pro to 1909 version (clean install onto an unused 480GBSSD), my voice chat in game no longer works. In troubleshooting, I verified that the function is mapped to the default N key. I verified that Online Options voice chat is On to Everyone. And I verified that the audio voice chat is on in the Settings Audio menu. I tried changing the key that the voice chat function is mapped to and that does not help. My windows settingas appear to be correct, altho I am going to test them with Skype, which I just thought of. One thing that is slightly not standard is that when I went back to Rockstar to get the launcher after the upgrade, and installed it, thinking I would have to download the program, the launcher found the program on the old C: drive (now K:), and it ran from there. However, today, I reinstalled the game on the 480SSD (240GB partition) and the chat function is still inop. I believe the voice chat has not worked from the time of upgrade, though I just discovered it.
  2. Thanks for the response, Kean. I don't know if anybody even knows about this - split point advantages if any.. Btw, I use the high velocity stuff for long shots, thought the express are I think supposed to be harder hitting.
  3. What are the advantages of split point ammo in Online if any? In Story mode, it is supposed to use up dead-eye slower. Does this apply in Online? Is there any reason to spend $400+ for the recipe?
  4. I'm a little late on the intro. Sorry. I try to always respect the rules of forums but I didn't read them thoroughly and see that I should introduce myself. (How could I expect to always respect the rules if I don't read them carefully? I know.) I had been waiting avidly for RDR2 to come out on PC, which is what I am playing. I have played half the story version, but then tried online and that is what I am doing. It is really great! I have played all of the Elder Scrolls games, which I loved, but I like this even better! I got stuck a couple of times on content and people have been great about answering my posts! Thank you! I love everything about RDR2.org! You do a great job! Sal
  5. After an unsuccessful trader delivery mission (delivery wagon crash) and failed secondary recovery attempt (pick up and deliver remaining bundles), I respawned and my horse now has a large pelt on the back that I did not place there. It is not identified as a particular animal and I can't sell it to the butcher. I can unload it and put it back, but I don't know what to do wiith it. Anyone have this experience, or know what the pelt is?
  6. OK. I think I understand. Like for some things, there is a button on the item that says offers and rewards. But not on this item. I guess I have to wait til I get to rank 25 to unlock the holster. Then I will get it for free. Thanks, NF85. I really appreciate the response! And I found the rank indicators, too. Thank you.
  7. I am rank 16 and received a coupon for a reward, worded as follows: "Free - Select Off-Hand Holster unlocked before Rank 70. Claim the reward in the Gunsmith or the Handheld Catalog. Offer available through March 31st, 2020." I looked in the catalog and could not find anything that looked like it was a free off-hand holster, and nothing that had the "offers and rewards" button available. Is there something I have to do yet to claim it? Am I reading it wrong? One other unrelated question: How do I determine my rank as a Trader?
  8. Thank you, flu. I tried it again and it worked right away. I thought I had held the right mouse button last time, but maybe I didn't. I did this last time and it worked. Thanks, again, for the reply!
  9. How do you lasso a carcass you want to drag (on PC). I tried this, equipping the lasso, aiming it at the carcass, and using it as I have to lasso an enemy or wild horse, and couldn't get the red dot.. I threw it anyway and it hit the carcass but did not attach. I did this several times from different directions and couldn't get it to attach. (I was on a hill, btw.) What am I doing wrong?
  10. Oh, thanks much, flu007. I should have figured that out. Thanks!
  11. When I select quick join, I always only get "The Right Side of the Tracks" and "If the Hat Fits..." I have done those repeatedly. How do I move on to later missions?
  12. SalgoudTF

    How to fish?

    That video is really good, CrabApples. I got a lot of good tips out of it. Thanks! I keep going back to that for lots of info.
  13. SalgoudTF

    How to fish?

    Now THAT was just what I needed, flu007! Thank you very much. Thanks to the other responders as well. And I knew there had to be a way to reel in faster! R, of course! That is awesome! I am going to be trying that tonite! Thanks, again!
  14. SalgoudTF

    How to fish?

    Would someone please tell me how to land a fish? The only fish I have ever caught is the first one with Jack. I have tried at least 20 times and the line always breaks. So frustrating! A detailed tutorial would really be appreciated.
  15. Thanks for the suggestion, SNAK3S! Sorry about the late reply.
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