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  1. Hi, All. After updating Windows 10 Pro to 1909 version (clean install onto an unused 480GBSSD), my voice chat in game no longer works. In troubleshooting, I verified that the function is mapped to the default N key. I verified that Online Options voice chat is On to Everyone. And I verified that the audio voice chat is on in the Settings Audio menu. I tried changing the key that the voice chat function is mapped to and that does not help. My windows settingas appear to be correct, altho I am going to test them with Skype, which I just thought of. One thing that is slightly not standard is that when I went back to Rockstar to get the launcher after the upgrade, and installed it, thinking I would have to download the program, the launcher found the program on the old C: drive (now K:), and it ran from there. However, today, I reinstalled the game on the 480SSD (240GB partition) and the chat function is still inop. I believe the voice chat has not worked from the time of upgrade, though I just discovered it.
  2. Thanks for the response, Kean. I don't know if anybody even knows about this - split point advantages if any.. Btw, I use the high velocity stuff for long shots, thought the express are I think supposed to be harder hitting.
  3. What are the advantages of split point ammo in Online if any? In Story mode, it is supposed to use up dead-eye slower. Does this apply in Online? Is there any reason to spend $400+ for the recipe?
  4. I'm a little late on the intro. Sorry. I try to always respect the rules of forums but I didn't read them thoroughly and see that I should introduce myself. (How could I expect to always respect the rules if I don't read them carefully? I know.) I had been waiting avidly for RDR2 to come out on PC, which is what I am playing. I have played half the story version, but then tried online and that is what I am doing. It is really great! I have played all of the Elder Scrolls games, which I loved, but I like this even better! I got stuck a couple of times on content and people have been great about answering my posts! Thank you! I love everything about RDR2.org! You do a great job! Sal
  5. After an unsuccessful trader delivery mission (delivery wagon crash) and failed secondary recovery attempt (pick up and deliver remaining bundles), I respawned and my horse now has a large pelt on the back that I did not place there. It is not identified as a particular animal and I can't sell it to the butcher. I can unload it and put it back, but I don't know what to do wiith it. Anyone have this experience, or know what the pelt is?
  6. OK. I think I understand. Like for some things, there is a button on the item that says offers and rewards. But not on this item. I guess I have to wait til I get to rank 25 to unlock the holster. Then I will get it for free. Thanks, NF85. I really appreciate the response! And I found the rank indicators, too. Thank you.
  7. I am rank 16 and received a coupon for a reward, worded as follows: "Free - Select Off-Hand Holster unlocked before Rank 70. Claim the reward in the Gunsmith or the Handheld Catalog. Offer available through March 31st, 2020." I looked in the catalog and could not find anything that looked like it was a free off-hand holster, and nothing that had the "offers and rewards" button available. Is there something I have to do yet to claim it? Am I reading it wrong? One other unrelated question: How do I determine my rank as a Trader?
  8. Thank you, flu. I tried it again and it worked right away. I thought I had held the right mouse button last time, but maybe I didn't. I did this last time and it worked. Thanks, again, for the reply!
  9. How do you lasso a carcass you want to drag (on PC). I tried this, equipping the lasso, aiming it at the carcass, and using it as I have to lasso an enemy or wild horse, and couldn't get the red dot.. I threw it anyway and it hit the carcass but did not attach. I did this several times from different directions and couldn't get it to attach. (I was on a hill, btw.) What am I doing wrong?
  10. Oh, thanks much, flu007. I should have figured that out. Thanks!
  11. When I select quick join, I always only get "The Right Side of the Tracks" and "If the Hat Fits..." I have done those repeatedly. How do I move on to later missions?
  12. SalgoudTF

    How to fish?

    That video is really good, CrabApples. I got a lot of good tips out of it. Thanks! I keep going back to that for lots of info.
  13. SalgoudTF

    How to fish?

    Now THAT was just what I needed, flu007! Thank you very much. Thanks to the other responders as well. And I knew there had to be a way to reel in faster! R, of course! That is awesome! I am going to be trying that tonite! Thanks, again!
  14. SalgoudTF

    How to fish?

    Would someone please tell me how to land a fish? The only fish I have ever caught is the first one with Jack. I have tried at least 20 times and the line always breaks. So frustrating! A detailed tutorial would really be appreciated.
  15. Thanks for the suggestion, SNAK3S! Sorry about the late reply.
  16. What does it mean when restocking purchases for provisions, weapons, and medicine are greyed out in the camp ledger. The icons for these at the top right are yellow by the way. Adequate funds are available to purchase these restocks. In fact, when I get to the first item, the purchase button can be pressed, but it doesn't complete and then greys out. The text box says send someone to town to purchase what is needed. Is that something Arthur has to set in motion? Does he have to send someone and if so, how.
  17. I have completed the Herr Strauss initial debt recovery (Wrobel), have access to the ledger, and want to purchase the leather working tools for Pearson. However, when I turn to the page in the ledger, another item's price is circled and the leather working tools do not seem to be accessible. Is there a way to get to them? Is there something I have to buy first?
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