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  1. yeah, got bored and tired of the bugs. BF5 and Modern Warfare is way more fun.
  2. ok, thanks all for the input.
  3. Are the bandoliers worth the purchase price? They look cool, but do they increase ammo capacity? I've seen conflicting info on the web.
  4. Yes, I am talking about collectibles and their spawn cycle timetable. I noticed that it changes daily at 12:00 am GMT, but I don't know how to determine which day (or cycle) I am in when I jump in to a new free roam session.
  5. When I jump into an online game, how do I know which cycle I am in? How long does each one last? Thanks
  6. For the third or fourth time this week, I've had finished or nearly finished MS batches completely disappear. Anyone else experience this bug? This issue along with the hangs, crashes and hackers is pushing me back to BF5...
  7. How did you determine this? Did you do the same mission twice using the quick and slow run-through?
  8. Went with the Lancaster and am loving it; sooo much better than the carbine I've been using since day 1. thx
  9. Probably debated to death... the stats tell me go with Litchfield but the many of the comments on other forums say Lancaster. I cannot afford both. What do you guys think?
  10. Tio Loco

    VPN for Gaming

    Do I really need one? Will it affect my frame rate and am I exposing myself to hacking while gaming if I disable it.
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