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  1. Ok thanks I'll give that a try too. "poopy" I'm on PC and I did try to go into a pvp challenge and exit it before start. I went straight to "camp" and it was there. Not sure if it was just dumb luck though. I've never been able to change appearance btw but I understand you just want to enter it and exit BUT my game freezes every time I do that.
  2. Sorry for the confusion...so enter a pvp challenge like a race, then exit it? Then go into online options and change appearance, but don't change appearance just exit. Then quickly choose a camp location? Now I have a campfire in one location near Strawberry and the rest of my camp is in Lagras! I went to strawberry to fast travel to Lagras and it sent me back to my campfire near Strawberry. Ugh.
  3. I've never been able to change appearance, tried a number of times and just quit trying. You just sit there staring at the never ending photos. Unless you mean to try to change appearance then cancel/quit the game? (have to do that anyway)
  4. I give up for the day. I log on and am standing at my camp location but no camp. Summon my horse and go get some game (Trader), then return to no camp STILL. I change my camp location, it takes my $2 and says it's being created. Rode around for over an hour and it never spawned. Complete waste of time, can't get supply missions w/o a camp and can't turn in game/carcasses w/o a camp. Even tried switching back and forth between horse and hunting wagon, rode to different "zone", went back to my camp location and nothing. I love the game but this is getting to be a huge waste of time.
  5. I'm strictly a Trader (gonna ask if I should also do something else) and it is very frustrating because all I see is a blue dot. Blue dots are all over the place and most of the time they're not attacking anyone. I ride by them all the time but all the sudden one of em pulls out a weapon and kills you before you can even react. Then of course you spawn so far away that there's no way you're going to catch up to them and get your trade wagon back. I also have issues where you have to go kill an animal to deliver to another trader, then he gives you supplies. Twice now, I'm told to kill a turkey, or deer and once I do that, there's no location for the trader!! You ride around looking for a camp but the mission times out and fails. (Sometimes there's a white dot you can map to, sometimes an actual yellow path to the trader but this is different, no trader marker at all.)
  6. I made the mistake of buying the hunting wagon for 800+ cash. I thought I would be able to have my horse follow...nope. I was hoping it could follow me since it is being pulled by a horse...nope. Still, even with that, I filled up the hunting cart and headed back to camp. The blue icon on the map for my camp was there but the camp was NOT there. I rode all the way to Rhodes hoping it would reset and spawn my camp but no luck. So I exited the game, logged back in and my camp was there but my wagon was in a stable and all of my stuff on the wagon was gone. It spawned me with my horse. Did I just waste 800+ cash (most expensive thing I've purchased) or am I doing something wrong? Any help appreciated.
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