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  1. It's not broken because it's a challenge. It's broken because the rules are stacked against the trader. 1. It's often multiples against one. 2. The enemy respawn instantaneously near their posse. 3. The robbers do not receive a bounty for murdering you multiple times. (No chance of bounty hunter rescue.) The only response is to posse up. But I play solo. And temporary posse members receive no reward for spending 20 minutes guarding your haul. So it's very rare when randoms are willing to help. Possible fixes: Temporary posse members get a portion of the profits. Or you can "hire" posse members for a set price. Robbers get a temporary bounty for the duration of the mission which would mean they run the risk of outside interference. This would level the playing field. But the advantage would still heavily side with the robbers.
  2. I've done some testing. And it doesn't seem to matter the people in the server or where they are camping. Highly populated areas have no animals and if you travel to an area with no people or camps still nothing. While some severs have many spawns but are still highly populated. You just have to travel a bit to get away from the areas being actively hunted. I think it's just luck of the draw if the server you get has animals or not. Something is wrong with their system. I was kind of hoping for a unknown Halloween event where the animals disappeared for a week and then zombies showed up...
  3. I just rode from blackwater to strawberry and back looking at known cougar spots for the daily. I didn't see a single animal. No birds, rabbits, or deer let alone cougars. I've tried going in and out of free roam with no luck. What is going on?
  4. I don't care what Cripps says so long as I get the full 20. But unfortunately I can be completely empty and I get 5 supplies, or 8. No matter how fast I do it or what quality of animal I bring in.
  5. But they were outside Armadillo. On a road.
  6. Maybe I'm missing something. When they go all ghosty and see through and just stand there while I shoot explosive rounds at their heads and nothing happens. Then they pop out shoot me and then rush to a post office to pay their bounty and then go back into defensive.
  7. You are not wrong. About most if it. Ive definitely rethought my stance. But I just can't agree that there being no risk on the other side is fair. I may just be complaining about most of it. But if you murder someone and steal their wagon you should get a bounty. And everyone in the vacinity would get a shot at you. You steal a wagon worth hundreds of dollars and hours of someones time you should at least have to be chased for awhile. If anything it's another way to force player interaction from RDs perspective.
  8. I completely disagree. Griefing someone is harrasing a player when you have a strong advantage, be it in level, gear, or number of players. Whether intentional or not by the devs doesn't matter. The amount of time it takes to fill a whole cart with goods is quite a bit and whether you succeed or not shouldn't be decided on whether or not someone decides to rob you. There should be mechanics involved to negate that risk, like hiring bounty hunters or a delay in enemy respawn. Anything to make it a more fair playing field. You are right about a posse. But I've found no one wants to take the time to help a trader out as the rewards for them are not worth the time. Unfortunately. The mechanics are broken because one side takes all the risks while the other reaps all the profits causing gamers to only do local deliveries. If the devs intention was to create a scenario where players completely avoid doing a part of their game then they succeded.
  9. True. But I'm not crying about the difficultly. I'm pointing out a broken mechanic. I like the challenge.
  10. I don't mind the challenge. It would be dumb if it was easy. But some of the mechanics of defending your wagon on a trade route are really broken. First you can't cancel a trade run. If you notice there are a bunch of other players around who are going to rob you, you have no choice but to push on. The second issue is there are no risks or challenge to greifing traders. No bounty for murdering and stealing. I get slaughtered over and over, lose a large wagon of profit, and they recieve no bounty at all? No chance of some newly minted eager bounty hunters to ride to the rescue. And after the deed is done they simply just go into defensive mode right after so I can't retaliate. At the very least I should be able to get high bounty reward for killing them. And honestly the bounty for robbing a trader should be so high that they risk getting every player in the area on their tail. The chance of them making it to the trade drop of with my goods should be about the same chance of me catching up to them and getting my goods back. Would be robbers should have to think twice about stealing a trade wagon. Just my thoughts.
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