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  1. I respectfully disagree with the first reply. If I see a 3 star animal I never have any problems getting the 3 star pelt/carcass. The key is, you must be using the correct weapon, it must be a headshot and you have to kill it in 1 shot. Deer must be killed with a long rifle of some sort: rolling block, carcano, bolt action or a bow. Use your scope or binoculars to check the rating of the animal before you shoot to verify its a 3 star. If you go to story mode and check your compendium it will tell you exactly what weapon to use to get a perfect pelt, assuming the animal is a 3 star before you even attempt to take it down and that you've studied the animal. I have a lot of time in this game and have never experienced the same issue youre having so just double check youre using the correct items. Also, find a 3 star squirrel and then use small game arrows with a head shot to get your perfect pelt. Hope this help
  2. I never deliver to the lower price buyer. Bert Higgins is his name I believe. I always deliver to the second buyer and make sure the price says the full amount. That's where my confusion is. As I am holding "A" to start the sell mission it will say something to the effect of "Sell amount $226" which is great but when I deliver the product I only get $144.
  3. I am a level 20, this happens to me from time to time. Usually starting a different mission and then coming back to it will load them back up. To answer your question, yes they are supposed to be there still at all times. When you complete all story missions you will be able to replay the missions again and again as well as other missions. What also has worked is exiting the building and then coming back, or starting a new session. But it sounds like you've tried most of that. I was able to fix some online issues by clearing up some space on my main hard drive by uninstalling games I don't play anymore and then clearing my reserved space for RDR2. Key point is RESERVE SPACE only, not all game data. I play on the xbox one and a lot of the problems I was having went away after that. I saw that solution on a different help site. Hope this helps
  4. Level 20 moonshiner here, I am experiencing a problem that has been happening to me on the past 3 deliveries now. I create a batch and then start the process of selling. The recipe I use is always on the "Today's Recipes" list and there is always a buyer available. The sell amount is $226, so I start the mission and deliver it successfully with no broken bottles. When the mission is over it only pays out $144. I do enough missions before creating the batch that my product cost is always at $10 before I buy. So I am not sure what the problem is and am wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences? Like I said I am a level 20 so I'm familiar with the process, I don't believe I am doing anything incorrectly. Also, if I drink my recipe after its completed it only yields fortified health and stamina and it should be dead eye as well considering it is the strong batch. Any help is appreciated thanks.
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