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  1. If you can't find any animals in your red dead 2 online game,here's how to get them. First turn off your social matchmaking. Then start a long distance delivery with Cripps. After you finish the mission and you have turned off matchmaking. It will put you in a private room. Animals everywhere again. Missions all alone. Nobody else will be in the room so the animals will appear again. Since rockstar can't seem to fix this problem on their own I thought I would just do it myself. I hope this helps,unlike rockstar. I hope they don't nerf this as well as everything else they have.
  2. I have found that if you do a bounty ,get the person and drop them off near where they have to be dropped off,not turned in. You can hunt all animals like it use to be. I know the woman and the wolf-man allow you to go all over the map. Others won't let you go all over. The mission in the moonshine shack,replay mission. What is ? Death and taxes will let you go all over the map and hunt. But no big game. All small game and birds. And you can't bring out fox pelts. Just what you can put in your satchel. The animals are really there in main game but they are invisible. Haven't you heard them but not seen them. I hope this helps. It's the only way unless your in a room with less than 18 people.
  3. Hello to all. May I ask y'all a question? Are there animals in your game ? None in mine but birds. Unless I go on a mission.
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