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  1. I do have permission from my wife to try heroin for my 85th birthday. I mean, it must be pretty good, yeah?
  2. Seems to be the nature of about 18% of the population in the world and in this world. Anyway, flower collecting is going well. ... and my hostility went back down almost immediately after I rejoined today. Bounty on me was initially 50 cents and dropped to 25c by time I arrived at post office to pay it off. Apparently, I'm a dangerous flower collector, but not too dangerous.
  3. But I'm just a flower collector in a sombrero.
  4. Some chucklehead was on the RR tracks, when I was driving train and then pressed charges against me. I was using the train to get back to Blackwater from Tumbleweed, traveling in Defensive, as I'm out collecting. Now i"m doomed! I want a retrial!
  5. I finished offline two weeks ago and have been progressing through online. I spent over 15 mins this morning and finally hauled 18.5 muskie out of Owanjila. Does that sound right time-wise to you all? Or do I need to work on my technique? Productivity will be down at work today, owing to effects of recently acquired carpal-tunnel syndrome...
  6. I'm interested. I'm in the US and on xbox one x; just finished offline game and entered this wild world a week ago.
  7. Hey, this is my speed. rickoshay808
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