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  1. Hello Netranger, please send me a friend request via psn: StoicRonin
  2. Hello ChaosReigns, feel free to send a friend request if your on ps4 . PSN is StoicRonin
  3. Hello Slayer, we are on ps4 and looking for some additional members. Please send me a friend request at psn: StoicRonin and I’ll run you through the process
  4. Hello JabbiDaddy, what console are you on?
  5. Hi EthallPeyton, we are a red dead posse that grinds xp and money while also having fun. If you are interested please add psn: StoicRonin
  6. Hello, I will send you a friend request through PSN. I am also having trouble with sending PM's thus I have added my Psn id to my profile (on the tab to the left)
  7. Good afternoon Ovin and Saltomas, thank you for interest, I have sent both of you friend requests on PSN
  8. We are a Red Dead Redemption posse focused on grinding and playing the different modes and roles available from missions,heists and role based activities. We also participate in showdowns and free-roam events as well. We are mainly laid back and are not a role-playing posse. Our communication is mainly through discord and Playstation PSN party chats to coordinate cooperative play. Even though Red Dead Redemption Online is our main focus we also play other online focused games. Our goal is mainly to have fun playing together and enjoy the game. 12/5/20 (MODERATOR NOTE): OP hasn't come back to visit this site since around the time this thread was opened and / or for the last couple of months. Closing as a result for the sake of other members looking for active groups.
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