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    I would like to join!. My Rockstar handle is Enthr0py I'm _ years old. 43 I'm a new/veteran player in Red Dead 2. New I'm based around _ ( Northern/Southern/Eastern/Western ) Europe. im from Greece I'm willing/not willing to speak with my mic on Discord. not very talkative on didcord. usually listening I do/ do not mod and/or participate in any exploits. No rxploits at all I'm willing to use Discord to socialize and communicate for in-game purposes. I do There's one race, the human race and I am/am not racist. Not Racist I am a cat/dog/alpaca person! I have a cat !!
  2. Hello i am interested in joining. I am relatively new too to RDO rank 20 atm, and looking to do as much as i can in the game within a crew.
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