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  1. Thanks all for your comments! Now I'm already in chapter three, but still with one question. How to wash yourself ingame. I did already in hotel, it works. But on the internet alot are saying that you can do by swimming in the water. I did this but still all the flies are around me And to get promenade hair (or how you ever type this), its only available in store/finding cards in the world?
  2. Thanks alot for your comment. I will do that first. Im already stunned by the big open living world and the graphics. Nice experience this game already with all the interaction. Good to know where to start. Thanks again.
  3. Hello, im new on this forum. First, nice forum! Im also beginner, but I played RD1. I can now explore the open world. I like to hang around ed. So my question, what is the best way to start? First do some missions to get more money/experience/able to craft. Because at this moment im not able to craft or my stamina is very less to spend.
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