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  1. Can I just put out both types of attractants and then kill 2 boars as boars are both herbies and carnies?
  2. In Story mode their is a locker at the foot of Arthur's bed or in one of the house rooms for John in the Epilogue episodes. You can store weapons in the locker or on the horse or on your character. HOWEVER, many missions ignore your desired loadout and give you your worst possible weapons to carry into battle. This is one of the things I really hate about this game and customer service of course as there is none, imo.
  3. I think as I remember that you have to hold the "E" down and then right or left click multiple times quickly to get the foot unstuck: you will see the line grow around the "tip" and when it completes he is unstuck.
  4. Tap to hold doesn't work while on a horse. You have to change it to hold. There is a keymapping fix out for aiming that is supposed to fix this problem but the author's instructions are difficult to follow.
  5. It didn't work. lol What I need now is the type of file KeyMappings is so that I can get an editor or edit the file and save it in the proper format. Wordpad and Notepad don't work. n.b. Whatever format I saved it in, RDR2 couldn't read it, so it remade it with all my previous keymapping changes without me having to copy back my saved file. I would guess that Notepad++ would work and maybe automatically save it in the proper format? Also, there is no keymap for "Aiming" and the only way to learn how to aim is through the tutorial in Chapter 1. I wonder why RDR2 doesn't allow you to remap "aiming" as this also might correct their bug. AND I don't know why RDR2 doesn't fix their bugs. Maybe to maximize profits and to show that they could care less about their customers? I mean, how many years have gone by with these and other major bugs left unfixed?
  6. 4 hours later lol, I found it. One of the reasons or the main reason it took so long is that "" misspelled the file name -- KeyMappings instead of Key Mappings. Drive C: (even if your game is on another drive (another botch by a Software Engineer but this time it's a MS Software Engineer or lack thereof)), User, what user you are using, Rockstar Games etc., Profiles, some alpha numeric number, KeyMappings -- ta da! I used WordPad and saved it in Unicode as this is required. NB: always make a save before of the original file in its original form, then change the name: I always give them the extension ".ori" for original, then save the new file however you can and rename it to the name that is required for the program to work correctly.. Untested as of yet.
  7. First, I checked with search to find a Guide or an existing title and since the return was Zero, I decided to add a topic as this is a very important game changer, imo. In my humble opinion or not so humble, lol, this is the best horse in the game because of high health and stamina, highest acceleration, near the highest speed and the highest ease of use control of any horse in the game. People complain about it bucking you off but once your bonding is high, you can get out of all situations by just pressing the accelerator on this horse and the only thing that will stop you is something directly in your path that you cannot ricochet off of. Absolutely free with no strings attached, easy to do, easy to find, and no possible bounty or repercussions: 1. Chapter 2, Saint Denis after midnight before 6 a.m. Best to start close to midnight as the event has to have time to spawn as it's a proximity spawn. If you get the horse before getting access to the stables, it will disappear when you get the stable quest but you can just go back to Saint Denis and get another Black Arabian the same way and this one will not disappear. A man and his wife are discussing China (dishes and such). You can hear this or read it on your screen if you have it enabled in settings. They get robbed and she gets killed (wait until she dies). While the husband is emotionally distraught over his wife's passing, just walk over and take his Black Arabian Horse and ride away: you don't have to follow him or chase him and there is no bounty as he is too distraught to notice. Take a lantern with you as black on black is hard to see (night and black horse). There are at least 3 locations that I know of for this event to occur and a possible 4th. 1. The main drag boulevard coming from the West on the corner to the south at the first or 2nd intersection. 2. Immediately South of the Theater. 3. Just a little farther South of the Theater where there is no official intersection and about a block in to the East but you can hear or read the conversation from the street. 4. (possible) There is another type of theater where this can also spawn. The most common for me is 2 and 3 as they are so close together and finding number 4 takes you too far away from the other possibles so that before you know it, it is past 6 a.m. If you've gone by a location 2x, it's not going to spawn there, imo. And this method rarely requires a reload. 2. Chapter 2, Hunter spawn, north country, near a legendary animal site: You help the hunter or not as he is killed by the 2 grizzlies he is tracking. If you help him and as sole survivor you get the 2 grizzly kills plus a new Black Arabian to help carry both skins back to camp. Nota Bene: you cannot have two Black Arabians for very long at the same time. You have enough time to get it back to camp with its booty and it has the same stats as your first but with no name. You can ride it also but can't really access it as it's really a ghost. If you take it to a stables it will immediately disappear. I think it will also disappear if you sleep and will definitely disappear on a reload.
  8. As I have many years experience as a Software Engineer and this game doesn't really have one related to content programming. The problem in spicing meats is that FIRST you have to craft and fill the normal meat slot before you can craft spicy meat. And this becomes more and more difficult as you complete satchel upgrades as the normal meat quantity increases. Another example of a decent content Software Engineer is that you won't see "I," "F," or "E" used for "Inspect." Problems like these are resolved before the game goes to press. Also, in really large games like this, you don't use work-arounds for bug fixing unless it is very temporary as the game will become bloated and eventually nothing will work, case-in-point -- Bethesda Softworks where the new owner, Microsoft is deleting the work-arounds and actually fixing bugs but the process, for example leaves ESO totally in the dumpster for many months where the game was actually already in the dumpster but many or most of the players didn't notice. The end result is that game mechanics work for the very first time in years not just the graphics: an example is you shoot something and some times the hit does 5, 9, 50, 12000 etc. damage or never hits or always hits and so forth; with the bug fixed, the damage is always 35 for all players and all classes.
  9. You can also change the settings to hold while aiming but this also causes problems but at least you can play the game. I'm going to try the key mappings fix as I hate "hold while aiming."
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