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  1. Thanks a lot. Sounds like I need this trinket thingy as I am really struggling to find 3* rabbit, Until nowI had not idea that living creatures in RDR2 have star quality rating before hunted down. Is there a place where chances of finding 3* rabbits are higher?
  2. ....can 10 year old play this game? Is there a gore filter ( I hope not) ? I said absolutely not.
  3. Please tell me what I am doing wrong ? I crafted small game arrows and I bought Vermine rifle. I want to do hunting challenge to collect 3 perfect rabbit pelts. I was doing it for hours and every time no matter what I do I get poor rabbit pelt. It also takes two arrows to kill little fuc**ers, so I do it on horseback, I do it on foot, I do it in stealth, I do in standing. I shoot arrows, shoot from the vermin rifle and every time it is POOR pelt. I whistle at them, shoot from up close, from far away, every TIME ! What is the deal with this? What is the trick. Do I need to progress with the story more, learn some new skill or something. I am in chapter 3. thanks guys.
  4. but they are not really. There are very nice. I love watching them and listening to the wonderful voiceovers. If there was a fun made compilation of all the cutscene on YT, I would totally watch them in my spare time.
  5. I dont think that I will ever sell this game, might replace it for PS5 or PC version one day but selling, nah. I dont usually sell PS4 games anyway. Not that I have lots of them, exclusives mostly and PS+ titles but these cant be sold, just uninstalled. Whats the deal with the medal anyway? Do I get the medal after I complete the game just like in Wrect It Ralph? Why would I skip the cutscenes is this a criteria to get the medal?
  6. I have progressed with a story and uncloked ability to slow down time every time I press Right dual-shock thumb-stick, the time slows down but I am allowed to shoot once only and time comes back to normal. I could paint multiple targets before this progression unlock and it seems that I have lost this ability. What do I need to do to mark more than one target please? Thanks.
  7. ^ are all of them roughly the same length or did R* pull Final Fantasy and the last 6 chapters will last couple of hours? I need to know at what pace do side activities mixed with story missions etc. Thanx
  8. I mean it is such a easy thing to find out but yeah maybe OP wants to come back home in the better mood. I would like to know too, I guess. This is this sort of game that I cant stop thinking about when I am out and I have so many questions, some of them could be probably answered by me paying more attention or whatevs but you know sometimes you want to know straight away...I know I would
  9. ....people in the wild wild west used to speak in this funny way, where they addressed everyone with utter respect e.g. "Hya Mister, howdy Mister, How are you doing partner? Mr Cole, Mrs Such and such as" but the next minute they could shoot you in the face for no reason. Loving it.
  10. It would be awesome if you could as I spent 20 minutes starring at the wardrobe screen yesterday and honest to god I could not find it anywhere. If you could point me in the right direction this would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  11. I purchase ammo belt upgrade and my character wears ammo bandolier now. Is there a way of unequipping it? I cant find it anywhere in the wardrobe. Do someone know how to unequip it? thanks.
  12. 8/10 -2 for low fps in towns and for random fps drops 8 - for everything else.
  13. Hello. It did not work. I changed setting to > automatic (no effect), > than changed it to full (no effect) > than changed it to limited (no effect) > than changed it back to automatic (no effect). Logo is still not there and everything else looks the same, no matter what settings I choose. I accessed TV settings and changed black lvl enhance to high>medium>low>off (no effect - well picture was slightly birghter but no logo). I cranked TV brightness up to the max (brighter picture - no R* logo). well I give up.
  14. I dont have HDR but game looks gorgous in SDR so not sure what the fuss is about. Is HDR really such a big deal?
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