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  1. Hi everyone, new here.... I sometimes go back to my camp to find a weird really skinny guy sitting by my fire and he always asks for some meat to eat. I ALWAYS have given him some as he looks like he could as easily eat ME and I suspect something BAD will happen if I'm unkind lol... but WHO / WHAT is he ? And not importantly, WHY does he come to ME ?
  2. TBH I don't bother even TRYING to make full sets, just relax, sell items as and when you have a good few and Madam Nazir STILL pays the best payouts. I mean $17 for ONE tarot card ?? It's a no brainer especially if you do a fresh login to Strawberry once a day, 5 cards and one bottle of old drink by the river ?? Bounties pay rubbish and we could make more gold panning for it in rivers....
  3. You can only sell non legendary animals to Cripps... so if you have any legendary in there it'll show as a full but only say one item available to Cripps. The rest will need to be sold to Gus ! Go visit Gus with your wagon and see if you can sell him stuff. You have to drive wagon up close to him to enable you to sell stuff.
  4. To be perfectly honest I'd view ANY invites with suspicion unless it's related to a daily quest OR it's from players you know. SOME Jerks think it's hilarious to invite you before they log out... In answer to your other question, if your name isn't on the list (invite) YOU WON'T GET INSIDE ( thank GOD for THAT !! ) .
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