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  1. Hey guys, glad I found this place. Been wondering if there would be some decent discussion forums for RDR2 created and it looks like this place could fit the bill. I hope it becomes more popular as we get closer to launch. Anyway, see you in the forums!
  2. MMORPG (was a long-time WoW player) and open world games (currently a GTA V player). I'm liking the life balance you can maintain more when playing GTA though... WoW really sucked away a few years.
  3. I really like all those, I just hope they go DEEP in terms of what you can do in all those different roles. Question - I've never been one to sit in chairs in games or any of that sort of stuff (like hanging out in apartments in GTA Online). Is it just an RP type thing, or what drives gamers to do stuff like that in games when there is so much other more exciting things to do (no disrespect intended)?
  4. I hadn't thought about the GTA 5 engine and everything you can/could with that game. That plus jumping off something and landing on the top would be pretty stupid. It will be interesting to see how Rockstar implement this nonetheless
  5. DOOM Steam key for €14.99 - https://fr.gamesplanet.com/game/doom-steam-key--2971-1 Awesome (and classic) FPS if you haven't played it yet.
  6. Hahaha that's a classic. Hadn't seen it for RDR2 yet
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