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  1. Sure, if you want to be permanently broke. Seems like they had cell phones and the internet back then as I can't understand how quick they are onto you as soon as you commit a crime. God! Even the police in RL take 24hours minimum to arrive after a burgulary.
  2. No, I've been to the trapper. I'ts not there. Oh well, not a big deal, but I do think this is a bug.
  3. Don't know what the skin is worth. I do know you can make a hat, but I cannot do either. I returned to camp and dumped it on the ground near my tent. It showed on the map. However when I returned after a quest it was not there anymore. It does show in the compedium but not in my inventory, I guess I've lost this for good? Anyone having problems with missing items? Thanks for reading.
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