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  1. Don’t you think they should make fancy dresses and working dresses for men and women? Also fancy and work hats, I think they should, I mean it did say clothing from what they would wear, like if they should make this, also don’t you think they should make an option to say, leave weapons behind what this will do is,” it would leave your weapon belt behind, I don’t know if it’s just me I just am a fancy person so I want this in online..
  2. Where do I file a request? Where do I file a request?
  3. You could also just contact them about issues bugs or maybe requests of adding stuff to the game???? Can they do that?
  4. Well, if you guys can add dresses and fancy hats and maybe an option to say “put down weapon wheel” could you just let me know?? Because I was a little dissapointed about Red Dead Redmeption “1” that in outfitter, they didint have women in fancy dresses or dresses, are you guys gonna make the detailed hair to for online?? “By detailed I mean will the hair wave in the wind in stuff” thanks for your time
  5. Thanks!!! I hope it would be added to the game... also when will online come out???
  6. I think Rockstar should add Fancy Dresses and hats, I think it would be really cool. (For online)
  7. What I really want in the game for women to wear is, I want like long fancy dresses or maybe even fancy hats, I think it would be cool to have long fancy dresses for the game...
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