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HDR is too dark?


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Is anyone else having trouble with the HDR in this game being way too dark. I’m playing on an LG lED 4K UHD tv worth around $1200 and am using the LG HDR game mode. My console is a standard issue PS4. I thought that it may have been a problem with LG making their game mode too dark and all, but I am having similar results on the other HDR presets. I started off by trying it on the reccomended 100 brightness for LCD TVs but after I could hardly see i started experimenting around 350 which is over three times the recomended setting and it still seems to be slightly too dark. I’ve been playing with HDR off for the last few days with the brightness on default and it seems ok (been using the LG SDR game mode), maybe a bit dark but it is quite a dark game. Is anyone else having this issue. I’m eager to play this game how it was intended on an HDR TV. 

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The studio recommends you set the associated slider to 300 if using an OLED TV, and 150 for an LCD/LED. We reviewed the game on a Sony AF8 OLED, and found 300 brightness to be bang on the money. With your TV properly calibrated, HDR’s warm, natural mid-tones instantly add to Red Dead’s already fab filmic look. 

I don't know if that will be much help. I am playing on a simple screen man. Basic HD nothing fancy. If I come across anyone else playing in 4k that might know about this, I will send them to the thread. 

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