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Looking to form a semi-RP posse for PS4.


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Howdy, I thought it'd be fun to get a few core folks together and RP as an outlaw posse of the sons (and maybe daughters if they allow it in online) of Civil War veterans. The timeline would be right as someone born immediately after the war would be 34 and could be younger also. 

In the game we see that some veterans have become homeless, some have formed militias, and some are a little crazy but the war is present in the game. So basically we become a group of outlaws who have vowed to live that life to never have to live the life our parents did.

In the civil war they said that a black flag was raised by those who would give no quarter and take no prisoners so maybe we can also incorporate that in some way?


All we need is a name. I like the use of Drifter like the film High Plains Drifter as basically we would be a group of roaming criminals.


If anyone is interested leave a reply and we'll see what we can do.

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