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Playing off two consoles


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I have an issue. I need to play between two consoles (two Ps4’s) but want to play the same story mode. Can I play my story on my main console and then pick up where I left off on my other PS4 console? I’ve logged into my PSN on the second console but I don’t know if there’s a way to save the game to a server/cloud

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Absolutely... When you are finished playing on your first PS4, go into saved data management in the settings, and save your game data to a USB stick . Then, put the USB stick into the second PS4, and go back into the settings, and saved data management. Copy it to that console. As long as the game is installed on your second console, it should pick up where you left off when you load the game. Hope this helps. When you want to go back to the 1st PS4 later, save the game data from the second PS4, and load it onto that PS4. The game should pick up from there.

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