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  1. I wish you could set the option for the flag at camp to set as just half-mast. Obviously it would still serve the same protection as a fully raised flag and would be nice to be able to do that.
  2. I'm aware of what many people are saying about changing lobbies, however changing lobbies never seems to work for me. I normally never get a camp anyways so it wouldn't matter if there was 100 deer, there's nowhere to bring them. I don't have a hunting wagon, nor do I want one.
  3. Not sure what was going on yesterday... Logged into a server with about 26 people, and was spawned in the middle of a big group of deer. I managed to down two of them, but then realized like usual that I have no camp and can't create one. About 20 minutes later I luckily got a camp. For the first hour I couldn't keep up with it... Deer, rabbits, turkeys and boar. I was in Scarlet Meadows. I was running deer back to the camp and having to throw it down so I can shoot another one going by. Then all of a sudden... It stopped for 2 hours. Then for another hour it would be raining animals again. Went on all day like that! If you check out this video clip, at one point I was in Big Valley, and when I got back to my camp the field was covered in them. I stopped and counted... There were a total of 18 animals in my sight. Hard to see if you watch the video on a phone, but trust me they're there. After that... Not an animal to be found except the dog in my camp
  4. This happened to me for a few hours the other day. Icon is there and I'm clearly standing in camp, but there's nothing around me but the stewpot and the campfire. I think I might have a video of it and I might submit it to Rockstar. Launching into camp works 50% of the time for me. It's like flipping a coin. As for the op's question about fast travel from the shack, this is why I have mine in the heartlands...Emerald Station is about a 12-second ride away to get to a fast travel. I understand that not everybody will want their shack there, but one reason I chose the Heartlands was to have a fast travel location nearby.
  5. Pretty pathetic when you get excited to see Western Ravens! Lots of speculation as to what's causing this... I've heard everything from a standard standard glitch or bug, to the amount of people in the session. It's funny that in free room there are hardly any animals, but when you do a story mission it's literally raining animals on you! In my opinion it was intentionally nerfed. It's just too coincidental that it took me an hour to find four animals, and I start a story mission and I literally spawned around a group of five or six whitetail deer, and I am literally tripping over animals during the story mission. And with all the snow everywhere on the map now, it's hard to see the white trails behind the animals when using eagle eye, whenyou do happen to get lucky enough to find one.
  6. Unfortunately I am part of this group with the magically disappearing mash. Although I don't usually get much of a response out of R* I did decided to submit a ticket about it. They actually reimbursed me $300. Can't guarantee everyone will get a reimbursement but they did it for me so, anyone who hasn't submitted a ticket it's worth a shot in my opinion. I believe the ticket was submitted on the 18th and within 24hrs I had my response and my money back into my account. Should also add that over the last few days since getting reimbursed, I have had no problems with The Moonshiner. I've done a few deliveries and yesterday, just as an experiment, I logged in and out of the game probably about five times and this morning all 20 bottles are ready to go.
  7. Thanks, I see it now... I didn't notice that there was a smidge of room left in the bar even though it says I have a 100 pieces ready for a delivery. I had stopped donating once a delivery was available.
  8. So let's say you have a delivery ready... Wagon is full with 100 pieces, ready to go. I realize the next step is to deliver the goods, but in the meantime before you make the delivery, if you keep donating to Cripps, are those donations gone or will they stay in queue for after you make the delivery? Would be nice to know because sometimes you'd rather wait for posse members to do a long distance delivery, and would be nice if while you were waiting you could stock up for the next one.
  9. I wouldn't say I hate Christmas music, but I hate that they play it too early. I don't want to hear Jingle Bells before Thanksgiving hits LOL by the time Christmas rolls around, I'm ripping the hair out of my head... Actually I shave my head so I don't have any hair but if I did I would rip it out!
  10. Thanks for your reply... I did check on Steam, but nothing that stuck out for me. I don't mind to spend money, if it's a decent game I'll pay the money. I saw a couple on Steam, but nothing that was multiplayer that I could find.
  11. I'm trying to find a half descent WW2 dogfight style game for the PS4. I have War Thunder but I'm not really diggin' it that much. I'm looking for something that is multiplayer/battle royale kind of game. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions?
  12. Submitted a ticket to Rockstar about this... The bad news is only one out of every five or six times that I submit a ticket they actually reply, they usually just close the ticket without a reply. Great work Rockstar! The good news is I got I reply when I submitted a ticket about this... They just said that they were aware of the issue and working on it. Instead of focusing on masks and the horse balls shrinking in the cold and the horse defacating, maybe they should focus on important things like camps. Pretty hard to get the daily challenges done when you can't get a camp. Usually an hour or two after spawning in to the session that I can get a camp.
  13. The exact same thing happened to me. Tried three times to install it and all three times I got the message that it would be another 99 hours. Turned out it was my hard drive. I bought an external hard drive for $60 at Best Buy and it installed in 90 minutes. I've been playing with it for over a year now and there has been no problems. I was quite devastated as I came straight home after picking up the disc at the release party at GameStop LOL
  14. Here's a link to the live map which shows where everything is. The weekly collections show up in a different color. https://jeanropke.github.io/RDR2CollectorsMap/
  15. Here is the link to the live map. I recently discovered that you can actually clear the whole map and click on what items you're looking for specifically. Hope this helps. https://jeanropke.github.io/RDR2CollectorsMap/
  16. Unfortunately you have to pay the 15 gold bars to buy The Collector bag. You'll have to find her first. Today she is in New Hanover, along the Dakota River just near the burned down town. You can sell the Collectibles for quick cash, but I suggest selling the whole set as items will be worth approximately twice as much if you sell the whole set.
  17. Has anyone else had this problem? Every time I reform my permanent Posse, one member is always a dark blue blip while the others are light blue. This makes it very difficult when we are riding around especially in a battle, I don't know if that's my dark blue blip in my Posse or some other player. They're clearly in the Posse as they show up in the members list. Would be nice if everybody was the same color. Anybody know how to fix this? Submitted a ticket to rockstar last week but they closed it without responding.
  18. Solid stuff man... I would definitely buy the asteroids cabinet but probably would go Pac-Man first LOL I don't know there's lots of cool games it would be hard to decide. They had the Galaga cabinet at the Walmart near where I live. You're correct, it is just about three-quarters of the size of a regular arcade cabinet. They sell the riser and stool as an optional package, although I would make my own riser. I should also add that the cabinet wasn't playable, they just had a demo playing on the screen. So I as well would want to check out the durability of the joysticks and buttons before I made that kind of a purchase. Graphics look identical though so that was good.
  19. I think it would be really cool to own one of these cabinets... Just wondering if anybody has tried one or owns one? They retail for $300 u.s. at Walmart, but I'm not sure how good they are.
  20. For Breaking Bad fans... Not really a meme but funny LOL
  21. You're certainly not alone on this... I am level 98 and I'm terrible at PVP LOL I've really only been playing it for a few weeks, but I am getting better and you will too. I'm lucky in the sense that although I am not the greatest at this game, I ride with highly skilled people in my Posse, and they are teaching me a lot. Learning the ability cards as mentioned, is also a contributing factor. I think that what ability cards you use depends on your style of play. Some people like one setup, some people like a completely different set up. Best of luck to you, I find also that the better you get the more fun it is LOL
  22. I hear you! I was grinding my way to level 90, and not only did I have to do level 88 over again, but they lowered the rank for the explosive pamphlet to 60. Another stellar update Iol
  23. Unfortunately we are being screwed here... I was -655 at level 88, and once I made 655 experience points, it took off the minus sign and started me back at level 88 again. It happened to my wife too. She was minus whatever amount and when she earned that many experience points the minus sign was gone and she had to start back at the beginning of that level. So basically, if you have a minus sign beside your experience points, get ready to do that level again, after you earn whatever experience points are beside the minus sign. Pretty simple to figure out.
  24. Mine showed -655 and I am at level 88, so I was assuming I needed 655 XP to get to level 89. I just did the Teddy Browm mission, and all of a sudden it says 622/5285, with NO minus sign. WTF? looks like I lost out on a ton of experience in this level. Oh well, goes well with all the pelts I lost from their constant disconnects and the pelts that disappear.
  25. LMAO that's my wife! We have two TVs and two consoles in the living room so we can play together. And when that happened, we kept blaming the other person for the accident LMAO. It was actually my fault, but I won't admit that to her LOL
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