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  1. The game needs thieves and cuttthroats, but those thieves and cuttthroats are going to have to accept the retribution without whining and pretending they're "being grieved". This player was lucky shellbell didn't decide to take their head clean off and feed it to the gators.
  2. From your original post, (which wasn't a question btw. More a veiled advertisement for your little group): "Yesterday´╗┐´╗┐, some misguided cowboy killed one of us and it was on. He or she was shot, again and again and again, right out of the server´╗┐. ´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐The four or five times I took him out, I was scoring 40 to 4´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐5 ´╗┐points ´╗┐for´╗┐ each´╗┐ ki´╗┐l´╗┐l: Ummm the story keeps evolving to suit your argument it seems... Ya, again, you can be rest assured I won't be looking for your assistance. Ever. Oh, and if you or anyone else in your posse ever comes into a hideout while I'm already clearing it? You won't be looting any bodies. ­čÖé
  3. The player may have been on a mission? Not sure though.
  4. You don't save my butt from anything, thanks. I personally don't call in help unless with my posse and my posse mates are being negatively effected. And believe me, my posse doesn't require your assistance in the slightest. Someone killing you is not, I repeat, is not, someone griefing you. Even if you're in defensive. Killing other players is part of the game. Revenge for someone killing you is part of the game as well, but you're not "griefer hunting" for crying out loud. You're battling another player. Griefing is a player, or group of players, that attack another player or players repeatedly when it's obvious the player being attacked is outmatched or doesn't want a fight. There are other forms like running into shops, or glitching, etc. Just because someone decides they're playing a bad girl/guy, and part of that is gunning down random players, doesn't make them a griefer. They're playing well within the "rules" of the game, as it were. This is exactly why "Griefer Hunting" groups are so problematic and in my opinion to be avoided. There's simply too many players out there that can't seem to get what griefing actually is and exactly who is doing it.
  5. That is not what I was talking about, obviously, plus I added the caveat about defending oneself. Going after a player that has just griefed you or your group is perfectly justified, but is different from what I was talking about. I'm talking about these self-described griefer hunting groups that act as judge, jury and executioner based on hearsay. I don't know how many times some player separated from their group has fired on me, then I hear in chat "I dunno, this guy just shot at me". So when I fight back and the other player won't quit, suddenly I started it and I'm a griefer. Cause hey, so and so wouldn't lie!
  6. No. Every griefer hunting group eventually turns into a griefing group because it is impossible to be completely accurate in know ing who is griefing and who isn't. Plus, surprise surprise, a real griefer WANTS an entire group killing them. That means an entire group is getting to know the griefer's gamer tag. Griefer hunters might boost their own egos maybe, but they're not doing the game any good. Defend yourself from griefing if you need to, but don't hunt other players.
  7. There many many reasons why many people play showing offline. The least of which is that they're griefers. Also, I personally know quite a few players over 170 and none of them are cheaters and would be extremely offended if called that. You do know that there was no level reset when the game went live right? Being over 170 is actually very common in RDO. So basically, ummm sorry, but no.
  8. "People are quitting or not playing due to lack of things to do in free roam and too many pvp modes they don't like. What should we do?" "Put out new clothes and combine the pvp modes people hate the most and say it's new!" *sigh I was trying to keep some faith, but now ...
  9. The difference between any of the special saddles with hooded stirrups is extremely negligible on any of the fastish horses. (MFT, Turk, Arabian, etc). But hey, if a minuscule difference that you won't ever notice is important to you or anyone else, then knock yourself out. In my opinion, and I prove it out every single time I play, you will not notice a difference in your game play if you don't spend all the gold and cash for the Black Arabian with the Nac saddle. Ride the fastish horse and special saddle with hooded stirrups that you like the look of. That's what is important. Trust me. It's kind of silly to me to ride around on something that isn't really what I prefer the look of just because of stats. I personally don't spend gold or money testing anything. If stats were that important to me, then I can be rest assured some numbercrunching YouTuber wannabe has already identified "Teh Best !Stats!!!1!!!. Plus, playing the stats game got old for me a very long time ago. This last saddle had a video comparing stats and identifying the best combo before I even logged in that day and saw the saddle for myself. If I would have bought them, I still wouldn't have been getting anywhere faster or with more stamina than any other fastish horse with special saddle w/ hooded stirrups combo. I advise all to save gold and money for other things. Unless you enjoy spending gold or cash mixing and matching horses and saddles of course, then by all means have fun!
  10. Cool, necroed topic. Griefers & exploiters disgust me as much as anyone, but I really don't get letting them be anything more than a minor annoyance. I put my ego for my online gamertag away a long time ago. Who cares what anyone else thinks? Frankly, no one else will know anyway. Also, no one is going to convince me any pelt, or whatever I might lose, is worth getting mad over. Nothing in this game is rare or very hard to get. I just leave and keep playing my game. I don't play their game. Quick join a pvp match and exit it right away. Problem solved. Plus you just left the child-brained idiots behind holding their di ... errr ... rifles in their hands. You have now wasted THEIR time!
  11. Agreed. In fact, maybe players should just boycott matches until they let us choose what type we want to play. It's rediculous that we can't by now. I actually can't believe Rockstar is so arrogant funneling players into specific ones the way they do. If a type of match isn't popular then remove it. Quit trying to force it on people.
  12. My opinion is just use whatever saddle with hooded stirrups and fastish horse you like the looks of. You won't notice a difference between your ride and players riding the horse + saddle combo with "teh best stats!!!". My Turk with not the best saddle gets me everywhere just as fast as anyone else and faster than most. The stamina bar is always full or near full until I L3 and it fills again.
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