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amnesia [XBOX]


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Age: 14+

Need a MIC
Mature members only

IG Name:
Do you work better solo or as a team?: 
Why us?:
How active can you be?: 
What can you offer?: 

Tell us about yourself:

Information For new member:
We do not trust anyone 

You will be a trial member for a minimum of 7 days 
You will be kicked if you show any sort of negative attitudes to fellow posse members
If you ruin the crew rep you will be kicked

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Hello Zippy!

I recently created my posse on RDR2 online. We call ourselves MafiaBR and we are a group of Brazilians we speak English fluently.

Although still in the growth phase, we are seeking new members and new alliances to streamline the game.

How about we talk any day? I believe we can make a promising partnership.

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