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The Skinner Brothers - recruiting the most ruthless bandits [PS4]


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The Skinner Brothers want you, Savage and ruthless outlaws needed in the ranks. Join one of the most ruthless outlaws gangs in the lands come be a lawless heathen. Control the map with us and make sure the Skinner Brothers name is feared. Are you a dirty outlaw heathen? Even better. 


Church raiding and town raiding is a must. Leave none alive. Roleplayers needed as well. Must be a "Dishonorable" player but not a griefer. Must be able to play the part of a ruthless killer and bandit as the group is themed around a notoriously grisly gang based on the lore. 


We will eventually hold group events and meetings group missions and will provide assistance with missions and activities as team work is held high in pritorty. 


1. 18 or older 

2. Mature.


Come and skin eneimies alive with us. Leave PSN name with time zone 


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