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What items/clothing/gear can you not wait to unlock?


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Ok so I know that each of you have found a few of those items that you've been dying to get unlocked that would complete that gunslinger look and feel for your character. I'm interested to see who is grinding for what? Ive actually already gotten almost everything ive wanted since i first checked the Wheeler & Rawson catalog. Here are a few of the items i just couldn't wait to unlock/buy.



*Double Breasted Lapelle Vest -check

*Sheepskin Coat -Check

*Bison Coat - WAITING

*Hagen Coat -WAITING

*Bandana (red)- check

*Paisley Bandana - WAITING

*Rifleman Gloves-check

*Bandito Pants-check

*Leather Pants-WAITING

*Western Delux Spurs-check

*ANY 2ND HOLSTER -check     (now i want the Delux Bandit Holster and gunbelt)-WAITING

*Stalker Hat -check

*Batwing Chaps- WAITING




*Dual Black Schofields w/Bronze engraving (i don't like the clean look...cuz ima durty cowboy)-WAITING

*Litchfield Repeater-check

*Double Barrel Shotgun - WAITING

*Springfield Rifle-WAITING

*Dual Black Cattleman Revolvers with gold engraving and extended barrels -got one- other is stock




*Turkomen -silver

*Fox Trotter-Brown

*Andalusian-Seal Brown or Sooty Buckskin

*WAR HORSES - Ardennes and another - got one cant remember what it is(bought last night)


Binoculars and Fishing Pole - check



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