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  1. All I'm saying it people are killing you even though they... haven't been notified that you... have started a mission. They killed you even before there was an incentive for them to kill you. Just to be assholes.
  2. Definitely go with the Lancaster if your not into "personal preference" and you simply want the best repeater hands down. Damage means almost nothing when a headshot puts someone down in one shot...(not everyone I know) but consider the fact that it fires quicker, and I promise you its much more accurate. You almost have to go for body shots with the Litch. Which sucks because I love the look of the Litch much more (don't mind the Lancaster look at all either though). Basically, you should be using dead for almost every shot you take but eventually you run out....the Litchfield will not serve you well all in those cases. One time I accidently switched guns by accident and couldn't figure out why my repeater all of sudden quit working properly. I went to clean it and realized it was the wrong gun. Bottom line. Hope this helps
  3. Normally stranger mission dont give other players a chance to kill you for quite a bit. Just the other day I was hunting in Bluewater when I saw (what I thought was) a smoke plume for a gang hideout. I naturally ride toward it and the is a stagecoach there with a guy dead on the ground. All of sudden I huge black gator comes charging at me from a distance and actually kills me(shock). I respawns and head back cuz I thought maybe I attacked it somehow and kid you not....this thing was still charging me from over 100m out(not normal gator activity). Anyways...out of nowhere, a player comes up and hopes in what I thought was a normal car. I watch him ride down the ride a bit for about 15 seconds then I get the HUD prompt to destroy the cart and kill the player. He had plenty of time before it ever notified anyone he was a target for attack. The players killing you at mission start are just killing you for the sake of killing you.
  4. I am most definitely a lone wolf. Not because I necessarily want to be I guess....more because ive not found compatible players. All the high level guys I know are assholes for the most part and enjoy killing everyone at all times (get a lot of xp that way) and I'm not like that. I never shoot 1st if I can help it. I know what its like to hunt for 2 solid hours and get taken out by some dude with explosive rounds on the way to the butcher. I just haven't found the players I'm looking for, I don't mind riding solo cuz I feel it has made me better as a player. Nothing like taking on an entire posse all on your own. I could honestly be way higher level than I am but I feel that's not really enjoying the game. I hunt and try to get the max of each animal skin I can get often times...10 rabbits, 10 squirrels, to raccoons etc then migrate west and get 10 gilas, 10 iguanas, 10 condor feathers.....not always but its a challenge I like to do sometimes and nets me at least 300 bucks. Medium animals are a waste after 4 pelts right now so ill kill for the meat. Then ill get 10 of each fish too. If no pelts on me I accept free roam event invites, do gang hideouts, or showdowns. The only area of the game I do little of are stranger missions and horse races. But I do EVERYTHING depending on mood. Sometimes, ill ride along a cliff edge scouting high level players with binoculars to see if they are griefing others. Ive sniped level 100's in the streets of valentine from the Cliffside nearby just as they began hogtieing a low level player. Nowadays I spend a lot of time crafting and hunting Ginseng for Special Health Cures and Potent health cures. Just sorta preparing for anything. I typically carry max meat at all times and max Tonics just hoping something will go down. I work on challenges for gold and have reset quite a few to max. This is why its hard to find posse's for me. I play my game as if my character is a real person (when possible). Most players just get on and just start shooting....im all for that, but I really enjoy the simple stuff that most wont waste their time trying to do. I'm not necessarily an ANTI-Griefer..but I feel obligated to do the right thing most of the time. I just enjoy doing things that people don't expect to others do in the game. Sort of intentionally creating these realistic moments for players to keep them interested. Does it bite me in the ass sometimes? hell yeah it does....but even if someone doesn't remember my name, they can remember seeing a guy pull up in a wagon with a bunch of dear pelts in the back. Cimbing in the back , picking one up and tossing it on the ground in front of them....waving...and then riding on. I was really just hauling myself some extra pelts, but its even cooler when others see you do it ...until they force you to blow their head off.....lol
  5. Also...as carriages are vulnerable to rough terrain and can but wheels off easily it will force players to stick to the path for the most part. That's what will make our Cliffside race so much more tense also when we host that. The roads for the cliff race barely allow room for 1 carriage at certain points so players will be literally racing on the edge of a cliff at times. One poor move and your out of the race for good. That carriage wont make the drop...lol
  6. Its pretty much a straight shot and you cant just instantly grab another carriage. Horse races make cheating easy but carriage races are another matter. Not to mention start and end points aren't near those spawn points as far as I know.
  7. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN....Boys and Girls...Lend me your rears!. In these times when new content is scare...and when violence against others is at an all time high. Your buddy RED and partner in crime Mr. DaDa Shift have got you covered. Let us put those idle hands to work again. We offer you....for your own enjoyment. WEEKLY SPONSORED EVENTS! These events will occur a few weekends each month and will increase in frequency depending upon turnout and overall success. THATS WHY WE NEED YOU! -REDSHIFT PRESENTS- THIS WEEKEND EVENT : RACE TO FORT WALLACE! Participants will race via Horse drawn Carriage from San Denis to the Safety of Fort Wallace. Point will accumulate for each participant over multiple events within the same season. Events include various types including Fist Fight Tournaments, Cliffside Races, Shootouts, King Of the Bridge (lasso and toss), and much more.... Top 3 participants over the course over the season will be invited to an in-game award ceremony and will be rewarded in the form of PSN $$$ (amounts yet to be determined and will be based upon participation numbers). Some rules and conditions may change depending on participant feedback. See video for details (Sponsored by Dr. Crockett's Miracle Tonic)
  8. It works just fine. I started a ps4 community and add all friends who message me stating they are from these forums. From there I'm able to join their sessions. Most of the time if no one even requests my help I will still pop in their session and keep a keen eye on them as i hunt for birds. If you are part of the Hell-4-Hire community don't be surprised if you see a friendly pink dot just out of rifle range. It's fun for me. I keep an eye on my flock from vantage points using binoculars or rifle scopes plus the mini map. Kinda feel like a private eye or something. I don't really need to grind for cash anymore(although I still do) so it keeps my interest .
  9. I fixed my setting so I can receive friend requests. Go ahead and add me. RED_DEADMN. Look forward to it. Sure man. Send me a message on PSN
  10. Actually Dutch has his sidearms on each hip already also.
  11. Me too buddy....me too. The offhand holster like we have now is for cross-draw. Actually drawing your left firearm with you left hand in the current position isn't really at all practical
  12. Sometimes I change it to say "I wont shoot 1st" if I'm hunting or fishing in case someone encounters me out there. Other times itll say "Ill kill you all". I know tons don't pay attention but ive had some pretty awesome encounters by using this to communicate.
  13. I could understand that but firing off 2 or 3 rounds at me aint no accident. "unless they fired accidently at 1st then decided I would likely shoot them back so thought theyd try killing me 1st...lol. Sorta an "intentional retaliation against a possible future retaliation against an accident" situation. lol
  14. I know right? that's when I change my posse name to "is hunting (players name)" so they know they just received my full attention. I imagine what goes through their head when they see my name above my character and is sais..... Just using your name as an example but you get the idea. I change my posse name all the time depending on mood whenever I'm playing solo so I can display info to others. (most probably never notice but some do).
  15. Ive already been doing this in free roam lobbies for sometime now. Ive even been shot at by the player ive been protecting before. Lol
  16. Also, the reason I dont join your posse "for security reasons " is so whenever I DO have to kill someone to defend you, you do not show up as a hostile enemy to the griefers or their posse. A few have asked and I didnt exactly state why.
  17. You take the same damage with your hat off at levels 2 and 3 but less damage with it on at 2 and 3
  18. At level 2 it blocks a headshot plus overall you receive a little less damage with a hat on. Level 3 is even more damage reduction
  19. I'll get ahold of you after work today. I actually have to change my settings PSN to receive requests atm. Happy to have you.
  20. The rest of the missions can only be completed once your Honor Meter reaches the complete OPPOSITE of what it was for the previous missions. Example: If you were mostly honorable during the 1st several missions then you will need to become DISHONORABLE. After a while, the mission icons will reveal themselves.
  21. Hello all, Tired of getting your face blown off while skinning that 3-Star cougar? Are you sick of having to check your map for enemy players while reeling in a 20lb Muskie? If so you are not alone. Luckily...RED_DEADMAN understands your frustration and is here to help. As a rank 110 player, I have enough experience with griefers to know that sometimes...you just need a little extra firepower. That's where I come in. What I offer? I offer my time and my rifle. I will accompany you on your adventures and ensure that hostile players and their crew do not get within a lethal distance of you or your posse. Ensuring the safety of you and your friends during any expeditions(hunting, fishing , stranded missions etc. What does my service cost? Absolutely nothing. (I do however accept tips in the form of animal carcus/pelts added to my horse....but not required). I am in this more for the experience and to meet new players. How does it work? Simply send me a friend request on PSN with a message saying "RDS" (Or basically anything else you want that let's me know you are from the forums). If I am available at that time I will join your online session. I will not join your posse for security reasons, unless you are willing to assume the risk. I will remain in your general vicinity and protect you at all costs unless your safety requires me to leave the area. Leaving you free to focus on enjoying the day. What about chat? I will accept invites to your party but will not utilize a microphone unless your safety requires me to do so...or if you have special instructions during my term of employment. This service is for PS4 players only and intended to be more fun that serious...although everything previously stated is 100% accurate.
  22. Honestly I'm level 101 but I could have easily been 20-40 levels higher at least if I gave crap at all about grinding and ruining the whole experience. Ive gone on 4 hour hunting trips and lead my horse for over an hour before just so that when other players encounter me, I appear to be real, or at least my character is behaving semi-real. Met a lot of cool people just by being the one person who doesn't gun you down as soon as I see you. At least until I see a gun raise, then I mow you down like the sad little bastard you are. I agree with you guys also, I only use explosive ammo if someone kills me with it 1st. (Sometimes I get the feeling that these guys get surprised when I kill them with it as if they think if I had it then why wouldn't I have used it earlier since its just me vs 2, 3 , or 4 member posses. )
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