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  1. and then you do it again. select ,for example, bayou because you are there or you want to go. "crips has set up your camp in rio bravo" 😉
  2. typical day: I start playing and I have the outer crown of the dead eye empty, I whistle to the horse bond level 1. I look for my camp and it is half the world away. I am stubborn and continue to play. daily challenges don't pay, estranged missions don't start, often the animals you kill disappear from the map. R fixed something with yesterday's updates ???
  3. hi estrella, you should add some more information about yourself. for example, do you have ps4 or xbox ? do you have a microphone ? where are you from ? so it will be easier for you to find new friends 😉
  4. dogs have only one flaw for me, they live too little. I have had so many in my life. I always say "stop! This was the last" and then I take another one. I love dogs ! ❤️
  5. he was my brother's dog. he was called rocco and died in August 2018. the photo with me is 5 years ago. when he was young and strong he weighed 80/90 pounds. he was sweety with people, a little less with cats entering the garden ..
  6. there is also someone who wears the mic but does not speak the same ...😂
  7. the other day it happened to me with turkeys. you realize ? the turkeys! they are usually everywhere .. well, that day seemed extinct for me! when I finally found one, it was by itself (they are always in groups of three or four elements).
  8. Yes you are right . I found it in the mountains in grizzlies east
  9. hello, hawk please . for today's daily challenge
  10. no. the tent remains even if you change the theme.
  11. my cores are at least 75% full when I start playing. the updated tent does not unlock all camp themes
  12. I have updated the tent to the highest level (spending a fortune). the outer ring of the dead eye is always empty when I start playing or when I return to the free roam after a mission or a pvp.
  13. Nice mentioned. I am going to hop on in a bit and see what I can get for this. I don't mind flower picking when I just want to chill out.  lately I'm using this option a lot (especially when I can't find online friends to join with) Collect 100 plants and flowers and sell them to the doctor. reset the reward and start again. you can earn XP quickly and easily
  14. OK all clear . I don't know why I convinced myself that I had to use a passive card for each category (Combat, defense, Recovery)
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