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U.S. Lawmen Posse, Deputies Needed. [XBOX ONE]

Agent Wolf67

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"As the crack down on violent crimes continues, criminal outlaw gangs are becoming more and more desperate. Across the frontier innocent people are victimized: murdered, robbed, and kidnapped while going about their own business. The need for a properly trained fighting force to track down, kill or arrest these ruffian gangs has never been higher. We are outmanned and outgunned, but that doesn't matter much to us. We are the U.S. Lawmen, we are the death of the west."


The U.S. Lawmen Posse is a small group of players looking to bolster it's numbers in order to accomplish a broader objective, we are an honorable posse that does what it can to protect other players from harm. Our main objective is to hunt down, kill or capture any player or posse that takes it upon themselves to harm other players without provocation. We have a rank structure based on game skill and seniority, new members may find themselves assigned to specific regions of the map for patrol and enforcement along with other deputies, however all members travel with the main posse when hunting dangerous outlaws. If you are interested in joining you can message: Agent Wolf67 on Xbox Live if you meet the following requirements:

-Must be 15+

-Must be mature (Many members are 18+ and do not like playing with brats)

-Must have a properly functioning microphone. (No static or echo, No kinects)

-Must be willing to obey posse rules, rules of engagement, and follow instructions from higher ranking posse members.

-Must be able to hold their own in a gun fight and work well with a team under fire.

(You will be shooting a lot of people.) 

Message: GT: Agent Wolf67 on Xbox Live to apply.





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