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The Brandywine Boys


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What's happening, boyos?! We're a PS-based, laid back, mature posse that values quality over quantity.  We don't shun PVP, although we do favour mild RP elements over the drudgery of mindless deathmatches. That said, we don't shy away from a good, old-fashioned scrap. Speaking of RP elements; we do have a backstory (coming soon when I can be fooked to finish it), and our preferred posse colour is green. We politely ask that you "play along" from time to time for immersion's sake. Our "uniform" isn't entirely essential, but a green item of clothing (vest, pants, combination of the two, etc) for "official" use will earn you brownie points. We're pretty stacked already (seven solid members) so we're only seeking out equally solid players to fill our final three slots.  An ideal candidate will appreciate a well-planned hunting trip in the snow-capped mountains of Northern Ambarino or kicking back at O'Creaghs Run or Brandywine Drop for a spot of fishing,, and should possess a sense of humour and an inherent sense of comradery. Besides that, just do your own thing and have a giggle. This isn't a flying visit. We do fully intend to use these forums as a social hub for brainstorming, planning, and general shooting of the sh*t. This is just the beginning, boys!



Coming soon.



We call it "The Baptism". It's nothing too painful. Just close your eyes and try not to apply too much make-up the morning before ;).



Everything ranging from the soothing lagoon of O'Creaghs Run in northeastern Ambarino, to The Loft nestled in the rocky terrain of the Grizzlies East, to the dense woodlands surrounding Annesberg, to the idyllic Brandywine Drop (our namesake) in Roanoke Ridge - every square inch of this land is where we hang up our hats. Oh, and we operate a zero tolerence policy for any and all Murfree Brood found snooping in our territory. Catch 'em, truss 'em up, and take 'em to the Drop.


Application Form:

(Time Zone Map)

Copy, fill out, paste - simples! Could all current members please fill this out, too?



Time Zone:











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Well, here it is! It's just bare bones for now, but it'll serve its purpose. Within time I'll flesh it out and add some graphics and a backstory. Here's to the good times! Welcome aboard to current members and looking forward to meeting you final three!


P.s. click the spoiler tag to reveal the first post. I done goofed and added it by accident and I can't seem to remove it haha. Requested moderator assistance. Off to a flying start 9_9.

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