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New Austin Rangers recruiting (Xb1)

Solidus Larsh

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Notice! President William McKinley has ordered the state government of New Austin to raise the New Austin Rangers division effective immediately. The mission of the New Austin Rangers is the aid of law enforcement agencies as well as other law enforcement groups in the state of New Austin, as well as the surrounding states, with bringing law, order, and civility to the citizens. Appointed Chief Ranger Solidus Larsh is looking for individuals of integrity, honor, and loyalty to become New Austin Rangers and bring order for the peace loving citizens. Your fellow Americans need you. Join today. Must be 18 or older to volunteer. Sign up sheets are available at your local sheriffs office. 

Only mature players with cool heads and temperaments will be allowed. 

Please send Solidus Larsh a message on Xbox if your interested in becoming a New Austin Ranger

This posse is a casual environment with light roll playing

As a veteran and a current police officer others of the same nature are preferred but this is not mandatory

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