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Vigilante Outlaws (XBOX) (Anti-Griefing)


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Contact : RacerXInfinite

-send message on XBOX please.

In Red Dead Online 2 we maintain a Posse that does what most groups do, work together and have fun. From simple hunting and fishing to Story Mode and Free Roam events as well as sharing information within the posse and to the community.

Different than most posses however we actively seek out known griefers and hunt them. We also encourage other players to call upon us to solve their griefer issues. Once we have proof a person is a griefer their name is added to an Anti-Toxic Gaming website so that this Community can hunt down these Toxic players across multiple platforms and games.

It's time to take back our gaming and make it fun again.


How do you deal with a bully? Bully them harder.

How do you deal with griefers? Out grief them.

How do you deal with Toxic players? Pound them over and over again until they vanish from gaming.

And then one day game developers wake up and start taking action to create a better environment for our entertainment like Blizzard, Riot and Ubisoft have.


Join today and take the fight to the Toxic Players.


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