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Arthur Morgan's Song


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Arthur Morgan's Song


While riding up near Valentine a rider robbed me blind

He hid his mule behind a tree and stuck me in my side

He took my horse and saddle and rode off to the East

I shouted out to him “I'll Kill Ya like a Beast”


I ran on into Valentine and come across a man

That I'd helped out on the trail, put a tonic in his hands

He said “go on in the gunsmiths and have a gun on me”

Picked up a Springfield ~Rifle and set off to the East


I saw a campfire lighting up the woods

A single man was standing there in a canvas hood

I recognised my steed, Schwifty was his name

I gave out a whistle and out the rifle came


The man took off his sack and was held in disbelief

He recognised my eyes saw the anger in my teeth

As I was runnin' gunnin' he turned around to flee

I let off a shot got him there hit him in his knee


I mounted good ol' Schwifty to catch up to him quick

But that damn bastard pulled out another trick

Right before my eyes Fire was all I see

Threw a volatile bottle just in front of me


He made it to his mule and shot off through the shrub

I turned and rode around the flames looking for his blood

I tracked him through the night rode through Twin Stack Pass

Got just past Flatneck Station, there was blood all on the grass


Judging by the scene, his mule had thrown him off

I saw him in the distance running like a sloth

Now it was time for me to have some fun

I pulled out my lasso and I started to run


“Run boy run, down to the riverbed”

“Run boy run there's a bounty on your head”

“Run boy run, down to the riverbed”

“Run boy run or you'll get one in the head”


He pulled out his revolver

But his shooting was no good

I covered closely by a rock

And then he understood


He couldn't win a gunfight he was shot and all beat up

I ran to him lasso in hand hogtied the bastard up

Whistled over Schwifty and stowed him on the back

I said “Now listen here my boy, You're going on the tracks!”



Took him to Bard's Crossing and laid him down right there

He said “I'm sorry Mister” and I said “I don't care”

I heard a train a' comin' Roaring round the bend

I took off on ol' Schwifty and the bastard met his end!


“Don't mess with Arthur Morgan Boy or you'll have a price to pay”

“I'll take you down Lemoyne make you Alligator prey”

“I ride with Van Der Linde, Retribution in my Hands”

“Mess with me and you could die in Ambarino lands!”


“Run boy run, down to the riverbed”

“Run boy run there's a bounty on your head”

“Run boy run, down to the riverbed”

“Run boy run or you'll get one in the head”

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On 12/22/2018 at 11:48 AM, eddysteed said:

“Run boy run or you'll get one in the head”

Sounds like something my older brother would have said to me when I was 12 and he was pointing his bb gun at me. Can't do that nowadays. Someone would get arrested or shot at by the cops. lol

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