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Rate Red Dead Redemption 2

Bag of Nuts

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What score/rating would you give RDR2 out of 100?

How would you rate the graphics, sound, gameplay?

I have had the game for a few weeks and am starting chapter 3 so I cannot give a full rating but at this point in my play I would rate the game as follows;

Graphics 99

Sound 96

Gameplay 91

Overall 98

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Graphics A+

Sound / Score  C 

Narrative D

overall a C- . The game is at its best when your alone interacting with the world, once NPC's enter the picture it goes downhill quickly. R* still hasn't figured out how to program AI, just as many suicidal NPC's as GTAV.  The story narrative is great up to a point, and then it goes totally off the rails. After waiting this long for RDR2 it was kind of a disappointment. 


The Narrative is fatally flawed from the onset. We are playing as part of an outlaw gang trying tp preserve their way of life while fleeing civilization and the law, yet they inexplicably choose to migrate east! 

I would have liked to see the world set up with Blackwater in the east with the gang traveling west, or northwest eventually reaching St. Francis on the Ocean.

The Caribbean adventure was just stupid, there's no other way to describe it .

Arthur dying was inevitable once the decision to do a prequel was made, but why give him a progressive disease ? IF you want to go back and play as a healthy Arthur you have to go all the way back to chapter 4.

R* should have repeated the GTAV ability to play as multiple characters, after all we're in a gang. Changing characters during missions would have been great fun and made them more unique. It would also have made killing Arthur off and passing down his belongings more probable. Arthur, Sadie and John would have made a great trio. big whiff R*.

the Epilogues could have been combined into just the last mission to get Micah. Picking up Horse Sh*t and milking cows felt like tutorial stuff all over again.

I loved exploring the world, hunting, fishing and exploring. The animals were extremely realistic. The side missions were fun and encouraged you to explore the whole map. Would have liked to do some trapping, the Trapper didn't even sell traps. Who shoots Beaver anyways??

The suicidal NPC's who veer off the rode attempting to crash into your horse was a constant drain on the immersion factor. R* couldn't get the AI right in GTAV and they seemed to have learned little since then.

Cinema mode was a nice add, especially for long rides searching for collectibles. Smokers everywhere thank you for that R*..

I accept that we couldn't have radio stations on our horses but R* should have figured a way to get more music into the game. I thought the RDR1 score was much better.

I enjoyed the master Hunter and Explorer challenges but the rest have too many boring repetitive requirements, especially since your forced to do most after the epilogue when you've probably already performed each task several times. This will prevent me from ever getting to 100% completion.

Arthur and Buell in happier times....



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