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  1. Too bad OP rushed through the Story mode, you only get one 1st play thru, and completing the challenges, side missions, and just roaming the world is by far the best part of the game. Everybody acknowledges the fantastic graphics but few seem to want to get lost in it, choosing rather to focus on repetitive missions, extended cut scenes, and a nonsensical story narrative. It took Bill several visits every time to drag me back to the main story. Maybe that's why so few are actually finishing the story. It might actually have been a better game without the main storyline. No beginning, no end and no Guarma!
  2. The only regret I have is that I didn't save the last Veteran mission for John. But I wouldn't have had Buell for most of the game. Damn you R*!
  3. ^THIS!^ You need to make most of your money for Arthur early in the game to buy weapons, clothes camp upgrades etc... Theres nothing for John to spend money on...
  4. You really don't need any money after completing the Story, you get $20K and that should last you forever in free roam. I periodically build my bank back up by robbing trains with the tunnel method. You need the money early in the story and that's when you should complete all the treasure maps, challenges, etc...
  5. Go to the fort up north, stand at the edge of the red line and throw one at the guard on the fence. Done!
  6. I'm at 98%+ but I'll never get to 100%. Too many challenges like the Gambler that just require dumb luck and hours of grinding. Why do I want to catch every fish again? or break every horse when I have all my favorite horses.
  7. Slow down Jersey!! You are struggling in missions because you haven't developed the skills to be successful. In my opinion the Story is absolutely the worst part of this game, avoid missions and knock out some challenges like the Master Hunter, Horseman and Explorer. Only do Story missions when you need to unlock something. When Bill starts showing up trying to get you back to camp youll know your playing slower.
  8. I have never played a video game more than once. Have been playing since launch and Just finished the Story at about 97% complete. I'm not one to rush through the story and "beat the game", The Story is usually the weakest part of R* games so I prefer spending 90% of my time exploring the open world.
  9. Buell was a rock in a gunfight and fearless around snakes and gators, He had unique stats for a Wormblood. The Arabians always felt like I was riding a storefront pony. Way too tiny. Buell was a big boy horse...
  10. I tried giving Jack all 4 books but he just wasn't interested. Not sure what collecting all 4 gives you.
  11. Most of the side missions are not missable, but a few are, you can find lists online easy enough. The problen with that strategy is you wouldn't unlock many items until there is no real use for them, The Legend of the East satchel for example comes in handy and you should complete that one as soon as possible. I hated the story missions, Dutch was always sending Bill out to find me.
  12. You're gonna love Horseman 10. I didn't mind losing "Whitey" my original Arabian, I was riding Buell almost exclusively by the end. I hated to lose him but I had the Missouri Fox Trotter before him so I didn't want another Arabian
  13. Or it was an intentional effort by R* to encourage you to play the online game and buy gold bars. I'm certain that was behind the decision to give Arthur a disease rather than kill him off in the last chapter. Had we been able to play a healthy Arthur all the way until the last mission many of us just wouldn't have completed it. Or saved the game and gone back to that point. R* made sure we didn't have that option so they could sell us gold bars, I'm sure they also planned to have RDRO completed by then, which didn't happen
  14. I give the Story Narrative a "C" overall The premise of an outlaw gang in its last days, fleeing civilization and searching for a safe place to live out their days is great, but why do they continue to migrate east, closer to civilization and big cities? And a Western without a Cattle Drive? Some of the individual missions were fun but mostly the main story is the weakest part of the game by far.
  15. We'll agree to disagree, While I enjoyed the main story missions, the main narrative is the worse part of the game. We begin the game as a member of an outlaw gang who realizes their way of life is dying yet inexplicably continue to migrate EAST closer to big cities and civilization! RDR2 is a beautifully created sandbox with hours of interactive fun waiting for you explore, but it shouldn't be a surprise that only 1 in 5 players takes the time to complete the main story, it's just bad storytelling.
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