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Free Roam Posse (Xbox)


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I’m level 85, looking for adult members women and/or men. Personally I’m 35 and a Paramedic in real life, I’m happy to help others rank and show some things if wanted.  I’m on often day and night. Essentially I have max Tent upgrade and fast travel at camp so nice setup to use. Looking for posse members with mic but may not always use who primarily at least for now free roam hunt and gang hideouts who want the back up of a posse if needed. Free to hop out as needed for solo activity and rejoin or depending on group wishes can do some posse missions but I primarily rank and make money well in free roam with some methods and other things. Lot of freedom in this posse but it’s to be online available often and to roam with support and grind and as game develops so will what we focus on as a group. If this sounds like what you do then it’s a good option and just message.


Xbox Gamertag SPOOKYMEDIC 

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