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Cannot catch legendary swamp fish!!!!


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I caught it WAYYYY back and was eaten by an alligator prior to getting it on my horse. 

I have now fished the area with every lure, every angle and caught dozens and dozens of other fish. The legendary fish is nowhere to be found but the game is not registering that I have ever caught it. 


Many many days in between attempts. (2 months on and off attempting now) I saw others have had this problem but I haven't found the solution. 


Thanks for any help

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I am assuming you have checked your compendium under fish and it is not there. Even if you were eaten by the gator. As you know, the fish should have registered the moment you landed it. Did that happen?

Do you still get the prompt that this area is where a legendary fish lives?  When you visit? If you do then that would mean you still need to catch it. If not then I suggest you contact RS.  

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contacting RS won't help, they'll just tell you to load a save point or restart the game, at least that's the answer i got for the Lake Owanjila fish. 

Is it marked off in your legendary fish list if you tap the left arrow on the D-pad.  I found the fish are sometimes not X'd on the map but they show in the list as checked off for caught and sent through mail.

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