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Reaper Lords


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Honorable, loyal, committed, Respectable, Enthusiastic. 
These are just a few of the many qualities you’ll need to make it to Reaper Lord status. 
The Notorious process of being a recruit is back.

In 2013, we’ve established our name on Grand Theft Auto Online and, through the hard work the of many dedicated brothers and sisters, we’ve been recognized  by gaming articles, well known members of the community and Rockstar games themselves. Reaper Lords have made it their mission to attract like minded individuals with the purpose of being the best of the best period.


RDR Online presents a new opportunity to continue this mission and extend our reach to more individuals across the globe to join the ranks of something truly special.

Join the Crew that Trancends time and apply at reaperlords-Mc.com to begin your journey.


Reaper Lords have been around for 5 years and are a serious role play crew. Complete with a hierarchy system, rules and protocols. We aim for the select few who have what it takes to join the elite. Apply only if you think you have the commitment needed to keep up, as we will expect activity, effort and enthusiasm from all potential members. 

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