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How do you guys feel about the possibility of playing as numerous protagonists?


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i hear rumours that we will be playing as more then one protagonist similar to the style of GTA V

not a big fan of this idea because i felt that in GTA V the story suffered because of this a central character that we have a journey with is important in a game like RDR

GTA felt very tongue in cheek which accommodated and benefited from the numerous protagonists whilst i feel that RDR has a more serious story to tell


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I dont mind tbh if there is three protagonists because once you got into the game in gta v you could switch between each character anytime you wanted and and do everything pretty much with a few exceptions. Either way if you play as one protagonist or three i dont mind, i know for a fact this game with rock i really can't wait to play it i am so hyped for it.

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